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Get a Weather Update on my blog

  1. Does anyone know how to place any weather temperatures on my blog? I am really working hard to find a good (and trustable) site that will give me a weather temperature bar.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Most of those widgets use javascript which we cannot use here on The code will be stripped out.
    Forbidden code:

    Some weather widgets use flash, so there is a work around using gigya code:

  3. I tried the flash link, and I used it, but the button wouldn't come up! All there was was a link to the website

  4. I have active widgets on this page:
    and on this page:
    so if the widget you tried to add didn't show up you didn't follow the instructions carefully: you don't paste the flash code in the widget, you convert it to the shortcode I'm showing.

  5. I think it automaticlly changed it into the shortcode

  6. If it changed into a shortcode automatically, there would be no need for special instructions. It changed into a plain link, because the flash code gets stripped out once you click Save.

  7. I answered some one else asking about weather widgets very recently. The link I gave you, you don't even have to convert if you follow the link at the bottom of that article. Is this what you mean by saying, "I think it automaticlly changed it into the shortcode"

    Update September 2011: You can now visit the widget page, customize the widget, click the newly added WordPress button under “Publish” and get a ready to use shortcode.

    But the widgets on page 2 and 3 also work if you convert them to the gigya code. The recent question was about the one on page 3. It does not work automatically, but it does work when you convert it.

  8. @Tess: No, they tried to add one of my page 2 widgets. They pasted the embed code in the widget, and the code was stripped out, as expected, leaving only a link to this, as expected:

  9. @justpi,
    Yes, I understood that: I said, "It does not work automatically, but it does work when you convert it."

    I do have a question though about the widget on p 3. It took me reloading and getting the code about 4 or 5 times to get the code for the place in Ontario, Canada to work. It worked on the first try for where Iive in Michigan.

    But the Canadian town kept reverting to New York City, USA. That was strange. It did eventually give the correct code for Kingston Ontario Canada but as Kingston Canada Ontario??? A querk?

  10. Oh, sorry, I see now that I wasn't clear about pages 1, 2, and 3 being different…

  11. a) My previous reply was a response to your "Is this what you mean by saying". I had already checked the OP's blog and seen what they mean.

    b) I don't know why you had problems with the other widget: I just typed "Kingston" in the location field, selected "Kingston, Canada(Ontario)" from the pulldown, and created the widget with no complications. Did you try via ZIP code perhaps?

  12. Yes, I tried zip codes (or the Canadian equivalent), and choosing Kingston from the dropdown list (there are a lot of "Kingstons"!!!). It was weird that the code kept coming up for NYC. That's what the poster in that thread got as well. I did not do anything different when the correct code finally came up. And as I said, I had no difficulty getting the weather widget for my own town.

    My computer is old now and though we are paying for a cable connection there are times when it seems to work slower than when we had dsl. I refuse to believe in gremlins, but squirrels have damaged the cable line twice since we started with the cable service only a few months ago. I don't know what it was. …

  13. No, it couldn't have been squirrels. When they do damage, we get nothing, not odd results. I just don't know what happened.

  14. Might have been electronic squirrels! What's the ZIP code for this Kingston?

  15. I don't know anymore. It was a couple of days ago and now the op has changed themes (?) and emptied his site. Canada has "postal codes" instead of "zip codes" so that may have been the problem, though the widget site seemed to accept what I typed in until it got to the point of generating the actual code. His actual town was too small to have any service from accuweather, but his site mentioned that he was close to Kingston, Ontario. I tried two "postal codes" / zip codes. What finally worked was just typing in "Kingston" then looking at the dropdown list on accuweather to choose the one in Ontario. But that didn't work on the first attempt.

    You know, I'm not worried much about this, except for being curious. It could be that accuweather just doesn't do much with Canada, or it doesn't do much with small towns? Or maybe the site was busy (or my connection was slow) so I just got a default code? Anyway, you can look at the thread here:
    I never did get it perfect but it is functional. And now the OP is apparently no longer interested. He switched out/off before I gave him my final answer…

  16. I'll try again

  17. okay, it still only shows a hyperlink

  18. Hello , I succeed to add weather forecast on my wordpress site :
    don't to ask me for more information about this integration

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