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  1. I would like admin/staff/ops help with the following problem:

    I used to have two accounts. One was from a long time ago, and one that was slightly more recent. Neither of which I used, tbh. But when the Gravatar merge happened, it merged with my older (codemaster2cp) account. So I transferred all my blogs and adminships to this account and changed the username on the old one to nightpoolold. I would now like to change the username on codemaster2cp to nightpool, as it is the username I use everywhere else.

    I would prefer everything to be consolidated under this account, and the only thing remaining is the username. Is it possible for you to free up this old, not in use anymore name?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This has nothing to do with my blogs, for clarification, it just wouldn't let me post without one. This has to do with Gravatar and with third-party websites.

  3. Hi there - to confirm your ownership of nightpoolold, could you please log in under that account and add a post in this thread confirming that it's OK to go ahead and make the switch you've requested? Thanks!

  4. Absolutely! Please, go ahead.

  5. Thanks for posting. The nightpoolold account has one site on it, Do you want to first transfer that site to codemaster2cp for now as well, otherwise you won't be able to access it.

  6. I don't believe its my site to transfer, but both accounts are an administrator as part of my preparation yesterday.

  7. Ah, you're right - nightpoolold isn't the owner of, but is an administrator on it.

    Do you still want me to go ahead and make the switch or do you want to add the codemaster2cp user as an admin on first? Otherwise, you may lose access to it.

  8. Did that already.

  9. Perfect. The account nightpool is now available again. If you can't log in, please try a password reset.

    Just let me know if you run into any trouble.

  10. Its still saying "Sorry, that username already exists!" when I go to the change username page.

  11. Sorry for the confusion. You'll need to log into the nightpool account - you won't be able to use the username change tool. I've freed up the account nightpool so you can now regain access to that account. Then, you should be able to transfer the sites from codemaster2cp to nightpool.

    Just let me know if you get stuck at any step.

  12. So you made a third account? How does that solve the problem? All
    I wanted to do was change the username of codemaster2cp to nightpool

  13. I did not create a third account. The nightpool user already existed in the database. It's not possible to rename an existing account (codemaster2cp) to an already existing username.

    We do not delete account names, but we do keep them in the database. Normally, we don't ever recycle usernames, so that no one can ever obtain a username that a different user once owned.

    Since you once owned the nightpool name, I was able to allow you to access that account again.

    Please let me know if you're not able to log into the nightpool account.

  14. So I have to re-migrate everything that I spent Wednesday migrating? And how does that help my gravatar situation? I put in time preparing this and just wanted to know if you could finish the last step. Are you telling me it is not technically possible to recycle usernames? Or that policy prevents you from doing it even when both accounts are owned by the same person?

  15. Hi there,

    Unfortunately it is not actually possible to recycle usernames within our system. Once a username has been used, even if it is discarded or "deleted," it remains in our database so that someone else does not assume that user's identity later on. We put this warning a couple of times on the help page about changing usernames:

    At this point I do recommend that you transfer your sites from the user codemaster2cp to the user nightpool.

    This can be done easily through the My Blogs menu within your Dashboard, and we have a help article which walks you through the process:

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