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  1. hmm i just started this blog and il share it with you guys so i can get some advice and opinions.

    What i need help is how do i search for other people that are writing about the same topic so i can view there blogs ? Do i just go on google or how do if find other blogs ? Thanks

    Heres my site i dont have to much content on it yet but check it out!!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi - I think your site's really good. Totally not my subject at all, but it was a really interesting read as you're explaining things really well.

    I read quite a few blogs on my sort of themes and found them via forums and other sites with people who are similar to me. Plus once you find one blog on your topic you'll find that it links to others and so on (it can get really time-consuming, and my worst habit is spending blogging time reading instead of writing!).

  3. thanks and guess i got to look for some forums that got to do with what im writing about.

    Any advice you got ? anything i should change or its all good so far ?


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