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  1. I just started a blog and I was wondering how I am supposed to get the word out. I submitted it to and technoarti, but what else should I do? I won't be posting alot, but I wanted the blog to share some opinions and ideas with the world.

  2. Look here for information

    And there are many other threads in the forum search box on this topic too.

  3. I really do think they should make this a sticky thing.

  4. *cough* Added into the FAQ sticky awhile back.

  5. I meant on its own, not in the FAQs.

    Seriously, try finding something in the FAQ. There are FAQs under FAQs; it's like the catacombs in there.

  6. yea too long a post can really deter people from reading faqs. that said i wonder if the search button is being used as much as it ought to be then...

  7. To be honest, unless you know what you're looking for, the search option isn't ideal. Some people may not be aware of the actual terms that are being used and I [although familiar with any kind of forum] generally need to make 3 searches at least to find what I'm looking for.

  8. secondchancetolive

    My suggestion would be to target other groups that share your interest and motivation. Those groups may want to share your weblog with other like minded people.

  9. I already posted a thread about this. Isn't this spamming?

  10. And how do you submit it to and technorati? I NEED as MUCH traffic as possible!!!1!

  11. Just head over to their sites and sign up!


  12. penguinmaster, there are about eighteen or twenty threads on this. It's tiresome, but it's not spamming.

  13. @penguinmaster8000
    You may not be spamming but asking the same questions over and over and failing to act on the advice given is coming really close ... arggghhh!

    I clearly recall giving you the links for registering with Technorati and with the search engines last week and here you are asking again

    I also clearly remember telling you that a search spider would starve to death on your site because you are not writing anything. But you ignored all advice about creating content and the same two posts from April 20th and March 4th are the only two posts on your blog.

    You need to write blog posts and once you actually have some content worth reading you will get traffic.

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