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    Okay I am new at this and I don’t know if I can even explain it correctly. I have been reading and working on this most of the day and finally decided just to ask or I will never get anywhere.

    I set up menus at the top of my page and I have some submenus. I have tags and categories set up. Under Appearance/menus/ I have set my menus up and I have put my taged topics/posts/pages under the appropriate main menus I want them under. However, my posts don’t show up when I click on the menu on my page. My posts only show up on the main page. If I click a tag or a category on my page it takes me to a main site.

    For instance I have a Home Menu… I want my menu planner post to go under the Home Menu after I post as well as the main page with all the past blogs. But it doesn’t show up.

    The blog I need help with is


    Member is not designed to function in the way you envision. Tabbed headers in normally go to static pages, not categories or tags. There is a workaround on SOME themes, however:


    You have to use the HTML section in the custom menu page and use the URL of the posts or pages you want on the menu. Do know though that you don’t want to list all your posts in the menu as anything over say 5 sub tabs gets confusing for visitors.

    The categories and tags listed under or over the posts go to the global tags pages and the categories or tags in the categories or tags widgets will list your blog posts. That is the way that wordpress.COM works, and many people end up getting a lot of visitors from the global tags pages.


    Appearance > Menus > Theme Locations module: make sure you have selected the menu you created (Primary or Secondary) from the “Primary Navigation” dropdown, then click Save.



    @thesacredpath Ok I think we are getting somewhere, but I don’t think I fully explained. I don’t need subtabs/menus I have those.

    I want to click on a menu and my posts to be shown under that menu based on the category and/or I put them in. How do I make posts go under a menu itself not on the menu drop down?

    Thanks for the help…



    For instance I have a menu planner post. I have a Menu for Home and a SubMenu for Menu Planner…. .When I click on the submenu for Menu Planner I want my post about menu planner to be there.


    Did you set up your custom menu by selecting your categories and adding them to the menu? I set up something similar to what (I think) you are trying to do on my blog, and by doing it this way the posts in each category showed up under each category tab automatically.

    Apologies if this is of no use – I’m no expert, just another newbie who was wrestling with this a few days ago.



    @journeyphotographic… Yes, I want mine like yours! For instance your post today about Rome shows up when I click Italy.

    Appearance/Menus – Under each menu I have the posts and categories listed where I want them, but the posts don’t show up. Do I have to link each individual post to the menu? I would think it should go automatically.


    Hmm. Mine worked automatically – as long as the posts were assigned a category, they showed up when you clicked the corresponding category menu. For instance, all I had to do to get the ‘Rome’ post to show up under the ‘Italy’ menu was assign it a category of ‘Italy’.



    Okay. I don’t get it. I put screen prints of what I have set up on a post on my blog. Can someone look at them and see if they can help me figure out what the issue is?

    My example of what I gave my screen prints of is Emealz post is in category Meal Planner. Meal Planner category is listed under Menu It’s an Organized Home.

    Why isn’t post E-Mealz showing up when I click on the menu It’s an Organized HOme


    If you want us to look at your screenshots, upload them to your blog and paste their URLs here.



    Are they not showing on my blog?


    No they’re not. On your blog you’ve got links to downloadable word documents.



    I can’t think clearly right now and am having issues getting the photoshots to save as a picture so I can use a hosting site.

    A bit frustrated :( I don’t get why what I want to do isn’t working like it seems it is suppose to.



    Okay so you can see my E-Mealz post has Menu Planner as the category. The menu It’s an Organized Home has Menu Planner category listed underneath it. So why isn’t E-mealz listed under the menu on the blog (not as a submenu, but as a post)?


    a) You have confused menus with header tabs. The whole row of tabs in your header is one menu (your “top navigation” menu).

    b) As it says in Appearance > Menus > Theme Locations, your theme supports one menu only. You must delete all the menus you have created and create a new one – titled, say, “My Menu”.

    Before I continue, I need to know if you’re going to publish posts filed under an “It’s an Organized Home” category or if you only want that as a group of your actual post categories. In the second case I need to know if you want the “It’s an Organized Home” tab to display some intro text to those categories when clicked.


    Also, do I understand correctly that you have created pages titled “It’s an Organized Home” etc.?



    I want It’s an Organized Home to be a group I guess. I want to link different categories that would go under the main topic ex “It’s an Organized Home”, “About Me”, “Making Extra Money” etc… Do I need to change the theme?

    Up above if you click on journeyphotographic’s blog they have what I consider Menus at the top such as Italy. They made a post today about Rome and if you click on Italy that post shows up under there and on the main blogroll. I want mine set up like that.

    I think my theme is my issue.


    No your issue isn’t the theme.

    In journeyphotographic’s blog, “Italy” etc. are links to post categories. All these tabs together are the menu.

    Let’s keep it simple till you get the hang of it:
    Suppose you publish various posts filed under “Menu Planner”, and you want “Menu Planner” and other categories to show up like “Italy” does in journeyphotographic’s. You create a Menu, tick the categories in the Categories module, click add to Menu, then click Save Menu. Then select your menu from the dropdown in the Theme Locations module, click Save.


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