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    I want to upload some else’s photo from flickr. I go to Insert Image>From URL and when I paste in the URL I get a red X. Obviously that means I can’t do it, but I can’t figure out WHY.

    The image is marked Some Rights Reserved but when I look at the details it says I can use it if I attribute it and so on. The image I want is and I planned to comply with attribution. (I’m a writer and sensitive to copyright).

    I don’t know if the Red X means the image is not available to me for some reason or if I am doing something wrong. Is there anything different I can try?

    I see a place where Flickr has a tab that says “grab the HTML.” I have read their help and WordPress help but can’t figure out if this is an alternative way I could get the image into my post.

    Thank you for any assistance. I have tried hard to search for “red X” and URLs not working for images but I do not get anything that helps me.

    I have successfully linked to other non-Flickr URL’s previously, I think.


    The blog I need help with is


    Flickr has changed some stuff, and with attribution licensing, hotlinking to the photo does not provide a link back to the original, nor attribution to the author.

    What you have to do is go to go to this page, , download the size image you want to use and then upload it to your blog and then put in the proper attribution per the copyright owners instructions.


    This change at flickr only has to do with some types of licenses.


    Ah, ok. Thanks so much. So nice of you to say it so clearly — it’s very confusing over there.

    Also thanks to the person who removed my duplicate post. I don’t know why that happened but did not know how to get rid of it.

    I ended up skipping the hayfield photos since I couldn’t make it work, and just went with my own cotton-fields-in-Virginia photos for my post (just published), but I will know how to do this for next time, and not to expect all photos to upload the way I was expecting.



    You’re welcome.

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