Get rid of box line running around the edge of the main page

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    I know nothing about coding as such but not a complete novice with a computer so please bear with me.

    There seems to be an annoying dark line rim running along the outside of the blog area. (Specifically the header) How can I get rid of that?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi, if you have the advanced customization addon and you’re able to adit your themes css, you might try:

    #header, #inner {border: 0;}

    That should get you fixed up.

    That bit of CSS is targeting the header element and the inner element, which wraps the lower portion of your page, and applying a border of 0, which overrides the borders that are set by the theme.

    Hope that helps!


    Thanks soooo much! That instantly worked! Your a diamond.

    I have so many more questions. I will create a list if thats ok. I really appreciate your help, don’t worry if the list is too long. I appreciate we all have time constraints.

    Thanks again


    How can I change the size of my header?
    I would like to it to fit the whole space along the top.

    Also I would like to change the colour of the black box to white and have my text as white instead. I hope that makes sense.




    Hey there, no problem at all, I’m happy I was able to help.

    I’ll be happy to try to give you a hand with your other questions in a bit, unless someone else drops in first.


    Cool dude. Thanks a lot :D

    Also I have these grey lines separating my posts. They are really annoying me as well some headers being a different font to the others.

    Can I change these too?


    Also, can i make my header size bigger on the text “Awesome people” and “Featured Workout Music”?


    For the grey lines separating the posts, add the following to hide them.

    #home-top, #home-top .border, #home-middle, #home-middle .border {
        border: none;

    If you only want to increase the size of “Awesome People” and not Featured Workout Music as well, add the following and adjust the font size as desire.

    #featured-post-18 .widget-wrap .widgettitle {
        font-size: 16px;

    If you want to increase the size of both, use the following instead.

    #home-middle .widget-wrap .widgettitle {
        font-size: 16px;


    These all worked! Awesome!!! Thanks man

    Really I would like all headers on the blog bigger? I’m going to have a tinker around with the code you sent and see if i can do it myself. I can see what you’ve done so i’ll give it a go.


    Yep, That never worked like I thought it would???
    I tried…

    #footer-1, .border, {
    border: none;

    With no luck? Gutted :(



    This one worked though.

    #home-top .widget-wrap .widgettitle {
    font-size: 25px;

    haha! Well happy


    #primary-sidebar, #primary-sidebar .border {
    border: none;

    This never worked either. DAMN!


    Ok, ok, ok now we’re talking.

    Just found out about the inspector on FireFox. LOVE THIS! Tweak city.

    I will try to sort out these things myself and if i can’t i’ll ask.

    Thanks so much for your help so far :D

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