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Get rid of categories / comments info in Pressrow posts?

  1. Can anyone tell me what CSS code would completely delete the categories AND comment info that appears at the end of posts in the Pressrow theme? I really like Pressrow, but for the blog I'm putting together I need NOTHING to appear with my posts except the title. (So I'd like to get rid of not only the category / comments info, but the little graphics that are built into Pressrow.)

    Any help is much appreciated.

  2. I believe that the Comments info is always going to be there. As far as I'm aware, nobody has been able to get rid of it.

  3. Could you give a link, please?

    Any Blog with Pressrow would be fine to inspect the code structure.


    I've already messed with the date formatting to *minimize* the date, although it looks like a small gray field still appears before the post title. If CSS can clear the whole area around the post for me, I'll upgrade.

    Thanks for your help!

  5. Try
    #content h4 {<br /> display: none;<br /> }
    and see if that does it.

  6. The div containing Filed Under and the Comments information has a class of post_meta, so
    .post_meta {<br /> display: none;<br /> }
    should remove it.

    It looks like you could remove just the Filed Under using a selector of ".tagged", and just the Comments information using ".num_comments".

  7. The two edits you suggested together got rid of the date, categories, and comments. Thanks a million, singularcontiguity! You just got a CSS upgrade customer for WP.

  8. You're welcome!

    Now, maybe one of these days I'll get around to spiffying up my own site...

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