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Get rid of that abomination from the top of my blog!

  1. Hi, please remove the gay pride banner from the top of my page. I am massively embarrassed by it for people visiting my blog are led to believe that I support such an abomination.

    Utterly disappointed with you, WordPress.

    If you want to promote your staff's views then please do it on their own individual pages. Or open a GayPress blog instead. Not on mine please.

    Don't force it upon everyone.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi ezoltan,

    For information about this concern, you can read a staff's reply at

    In particular,

    We cannot remove this banner for individual sites. We understand it looks a bit different to what you’re used to, but it’s here for everyone. We absolutely respect your right to publish the content you choose to your site, but the navigation bar styling reflects’s stance as a company.

    The rainbow bar will remain until after the survey results are released, on November 15.

    A quick side note is that it is only visible to Australian visitors signed into their account, so not all your visitors will see it.


  3. Hi ezoltan,

    Australia will be holding a national survey on marriage equality over the next two months. To show our support for marriage equality, we’re showing the rainbow bar to all our Australian visitors.

    This banner cannot be removed for individual sites. We respect your right to publish content you choose to your site, but the navigation bar is part of the brand.

    As @jameshelps mentioned, the rainbow bar will only be visible for logged in users.

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