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Get rid of white space under banner/branding image

  1. Hi! I'm sure this question has been answered somewhere; I just can't find the answer. I am using the Coraline theme for a website, and, for the life of me, I can't figure out how to reduce the amount of white space under the banner image. I've been searching all day.

    The site is and I just want to have less white space under the sunset image. I don't know where this is. I've tried adding padding: 0; to the #branding img section of the CSS, but I guess this isn't the place to fix it.

    Can someone help me please?!

    Thank you so much, in advance!!!!!

  2. I'm going to give you this one, but since your blog is self-hosted using the software from wordpress.ORG, the correct forum is http://wordpress.ORG/support/ . There are key differences between wordpress.COM and .ORG and in most cases our answers here will not apply to you.

    Adjust the bottom margin on #header (the 28px value).

    #header {
    margin: 0 0 28px;
  3. Oh! I'm sorry - I didn't even notice the difference between ORG and COM when I was searching for the answer! Thank you for the help!!

  4. You are welcome and not a problem. The .COM and .ORG thing is easily confused.

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