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    I really want a social sharing thingy like others are using through the getsocialalive tool, but I just am not thrilled with the very limited designs and the fact you need to post it to every single post. Seems like a hassle…

    Does anybody know of any better alternatives for Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is


    oops it’s getsociallive, not getsocialAlive…. sorry!



    Are you looking for a different set of icons or a different set of sharing sites?

    Also, it is not possible to do it automatically in – whatever solution you use, it is a do-it-in-every-post method.



    One easy fix is to create a template and save it in your “New Posts” area. When you want to add a new post, simply copy the template and create a new post. Now your getsocial link will always be there.



    I’m sorry but we cannot create templates on wordpress.COM frree hosted blogs.Even If that’s what you want then you can hire a web host and do that on a wordpress.ORG install. For that matter on w wordpress.ORG install you can install social bookmarking plugins so socialbookmarks appear on every post automatically. That cannot be achieved on this mutliuser blogging platform where all blogs wearingthe same theme are in essence sharing the same template. We cannot access the template files underlying our themes at wordpress.COM.

    The socialbookmarks we can use on blogs are found here > That post incudes: archfx, perlitalabs, getsociallive, AddToAny, Digg Buttons, Tweetmeme Buttons, (__Add to Stumbleupon, __Add to, __Add to, __Add to Reddit), Publicize, Facebook Badge, Twitter Widgets, AddThis Widget.




    I just am not thrilled with the very limited designs
    If how your icons look for is important to you and if you have seen a particular set of icons that you want for your blog post, then mention it in this thread. If it’s possible to have it in, I can create the codes for you so that you can have your own design and own set of icons.



    Maybe I misphrased that. Create a new post. Add your get social code to that page. Also add any other recurring items on your blog, say, a link back to your main page, or a photo, etc.

    Then save that post, DO NOT PUBLISH IT.

    Now, whenever you want to add a new post, go to your drafts page, select that page, copy all the code on it, and then create a new post.

    It’s how I do for my blog, and each category has different pictures, links, and set up design. It’s the closest thing you can get to your blog being a webpage, web site.



    Below is the template, err, post copy I use for my Blue Plate Special critiques. Each page looks and feels the same. And it saves a ton of time.

    The <strong>Grassy Knoll Institute</strong> scores X out of X shots and recommends XXX for dinner.
    <!-- AddThis Button BEGIN -->
    <div><a href="" title="Bookmark and Share" target="_blank"><img src="" width="125" height="16" alt="Bookmark and Share"/></a></div>
    <!-- AddThis Button END -->
    <a href=""><img class="alignleft size-full wp-image-4764" style="margin-left:3px;margin-right:3px;" title="Back To Blue Plate Special Archive" src="" alt="lunchicon32" width="47" height="33" /></a>
    <p style="text-align:center;"><span style="text-decoration:underline;"><a href=""><span style="font-size:medium;"><strong>Back To Blue Plate Special Archives</strong></span></a></span></p>
    <span style="color:#ffffff;"><strong><span style="background-color:#0404ca;">LURKING ON THE GRASSY KNOLL</span></strong></span>


    I visited your blog and I see that you are using Addthis and not getsocial.

    Also the code you are using is faulty. Read this post to know why:
    WordPress pranks – prank no. 4

    It is possible to have an Addthis button that really works and that too without even leaving the blog editor after you publish a post:
    How to add Addthis in a blog post in ONE click



    Sanjidas, the addthis code works perfectly for me. When you click the link, it does show the title of the post and you can select the add this link.



    And here is the link to one of my posts that I use for Add To Any social network. This link works perfectly as well. I am averaging over 2500 page views a day so something is working.

    Click to the bottom and click the social link.




    Yes, addtoany works perfectly. Because it is perfectly coded.

    But not the Addthis that you have been using. Did you try to click Addthis button in one of your blog posts without clicking the blog post title first? Say, when I go to your homepage and click the button in your latest post – which for the time being is “Lost Chronicles – The Lost Episodes” – then the button takes me to an Addthis page that doesn’t contain the blog post title or blog post url at all. I can share only the blog url and that too without the blog post title.
    See a screenshot:

    Even if I click the button after clicking a post title first, I am not able to share the blog post with the post title, only the blog post url is present.
    See a screenshot:

    The one-click Addthis button is coded just like the Addtoany button – so, it does its job of sharing a blog post url and a blog post title perfectly.


    (Sorry to interrupt the sanjidas/xtap59 conversation….)

    Thank you everyone for your help. I’m glad that wordpress has such a big fanbase and very helpful people willing to give their time to help one another. Anyway, I will try to experiment with the other options that timethief presented (thanks!).

    However, it still seems lacking that WordPress features all these awesome features but still has not yet developed a basic easy social sharing tool for blogs. I’m not sure why it hasn’t, but it would most certainly be a very useful tool for millions of wordpress blogs.

    Yeah, so anyway, thanks for all your help!




    Best of luck with your hunt! :)



    I tried your get social link, I used it on this post,

    Although the title does show up, the link is inactive, and it does not work.

    I clicked the link, selected Yahoo mail to send, and when i received my email, the title was there, however, the link was not active.



    Yahoo mail was okay for me.

    It is not mandatory for the title to be a link in the Addthis page. But it is mandatory for it to be there to work properly when someone wants to share a post in a sharing site.



    While I loved GetSocial in its time, I’ve moved on to AddtoAny. It’s dead simple to use (just a click to add the button to your ready to publish post) and it has quite a number of sharing options.




    Addtoany is my favourite too, primarily because I learned to code my bookmarklets by dessecting their code for share button :p

    The Addthis button I coded is coded after the Addtoany button and works like it ((just a click to add the button to your ready to publish post)).

    Advantage of Addthis:
    The publisher has analytics if (s)he is an Addthis member.

    Advantage of Addtoany:
    It has a cool “email a friend” option that lets the sharer pull email addresses from their address book.



    Sanjidas, did you notice in your copied picture that the link was not complete. Therefore, it does not take you to the correct link. The actual link is

    Your code leaves out critical parts of the link.



    Your code only supplies this link

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