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Getting a blog following

  1. Hi there,

    I am loving blogging and am getting some great responses to my content. I have followed the hints and tips to increasing traffic on my blog and just wondered if anyone has any ideas to supercharge the process?

    I am writer building a body of work... so would love to get readers hooked and interacting with my blog on a regular basis.

    I live for this stuff! Thanks in advance for any ideas, visits or shares :o)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hard work, commenting and using forums is a good bet for getting a following. An interesting blog with regular posts does help but it's not like I've got a great readership anyway hahah
    I suppose you have to adopt the typical hardline stance of I'll follow you if you follow me....
    Also check out some of my forums for commenting on off topic, it's good for getting people over to your blog :)

  3. Comment on as many blogs as you can. Post often, but not too often. Use pictures in your posts (took me a while to realize this) because you'll get a lot of search engine hits from that. Although most people don't come back from search engines or comment (I think) you'll eventually find a few times a day people searching on Google for your blog by name.

    Best of luck to ya!

  4. Just be f'n sweet like me :)

  5. I agree that reading other blogs and leaving meaningful comments that add to the discussion is the most powerful traffic stimulator. When you do that your blog will receive traffic from those who appreciated what you had to say.

    Learning how to use keywords and a minimal number or relevant categories and tags effectively is key to drawing search engine traffic. The keywords in your content that are indexed by search engines. They will produce your posts in search engine results when people look for posts by typing those terms into search engines. Successful blogs draw between 30 - 60 % of their incoming targeted readers. from search engine referrals.

    Targeted readers are different from casual traffic. Targeted readers arrive on your blog in response to SERPS (search engine page results) knowing the subject matter they are searching for will be found in your posts (assuming you have used relevant keywords, categories and tags).

    Targeted readers are more likely to become regular readers and subscribers and leave comments on your posts. They are also more likely to backlink to your posts in posts of their own and when they do your blog will receive visitors who click the links. Targeted readers are also more likely to share the URL to your blog with other targeted readers in the same niche.

    Where do you find targeted readers for a writer building a body of work? I say go to the sites that are specifically for that purpose. You will find them in this post and in the comments too. Promoting Your Writing or Poetry Blog

    See here too >

    I'm flagging this thread so our Moderators move it to the Off-Topic Forum where you can get specific feedback on your blog from other bloggers.

  6. Also note these three search techniques you can use to locate other bloggers with the same interests here at
    1. global tag searches

    2. searches

    3. Google searches
    (a) you can replace "writing" with any keyword of keyword phrase in the format below
    (b) there is no space following the colon in the search sting
    Example search string:
    results >

  7. kennethmarkhoover

    Commenting in other blogs is a fantastic way to get traffic, and it helps you network and build a strong community around your blog which, of course, is what you want if your blog is public.

    Good content with images and insightful ideas and thoughts is another way to keep people coming back to your blog. Just keep writing, keep posting, keep commenting, and your readership will build. Good luck! :)

  8. As all of the above have mentioned... I too suggest commenting :) It gives others a reason to visit your blog. Better still, comment on blogs with similar interest to yours.

  9. Commenting is definitely one the best ways.

    Another strategy that seems to work well for me is to answer targeted questions on Yahoo Answers. For example, on my humor blog, The Mainland, I recently posted a story about how to wrap presents like a man and then went on Yahoo answers and found questions related to gift wrapping and posted some answers there. They let you add your URL a source, so it's a great way to get your name out there as well.

    I have also tried stepping up my presence on Twitter. Again, following the Yahoo Answers example, I will do searches on Twitter for things relevant to a post and then make witty replies to tweets that have that keyword/phrase along with my link. It's generated a few clicks and some retweets.

    Ultimately, it's all about establishing relationships, especially when it comes to search engines because if you want to rank high you need links back to your blog, so all of the things previously mentioned go a long way toward that.

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