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    Forgive me as I’m new to both blogging and WordPress. I’m having trouble getting my image caption to post. The image shows up, but without the caption, even after I’ve typed it into the “caption” line. The only thing I’ve managed to do is get the image to post w/ the grey box around it allowing me to click on it and see the description. Any help or support would be hugely appreciated!!



    What calls the Caption is, in fact, just the Alt text. It should show up when you mouseover the image, but apparently it doesn’t work for most people. To get it to show up since the upgrade, you may need to put the image in, then click on the Image icon and put the “caption” in there. It will still only be visible as a mouseover.

    To get a real caption effect, you would have to put the images and captions in an HTML table in the Code editor or just do the lazy way I do: center each image and single-space the caption you type right below it.



    Captions show up if you use the [gallery] tag.

    We don’t yet display captions for individual images within posts. We’ll look at that in future but need to decide how to do it without changing the appearance of existing posts.



    Thanks so much to you both – very helpful! Much appreciated.



    >>>What calls the Caption is, in fact, just the Alt text.

    Well, geez, that makes me feel better! All this time I’d been under the delusion that I could have used that to anchor caption text to an image. But I just never used it. And felt a bizarre guilt.

    Now I am guilt-free!

    But I do have one Q now: Is the ALT text the same that would appear if someone decided to forgo loading images? Is it also what a blind person would hear being read to them?



    mikecane – That’s my understanding. The ALT tag also displays for IE users when hovering over an image.

    There’s some good information about the alt and title tags here:



    What’s a gallery tag, and where would I find it? Many thanks.

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