Getting a domain and WordPress domain hosting is only $20 dollars a year ! ! ! !

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    FYI ==> Domain hosting is only $20 bucks a year, so reguardless of the minor, few problems, it is a killer deal to get the functionality of a professional looking website for $20 dollars a year! All with the ease of implementation of a WordPress blog where almost all of the web design work has already been done for you. You just can’t beat that for $20 bucks a year, even if WordPress had ten times more problems. So all of you members who are kicking the tires, you can still kick the tires and be a pain in the butt like me, after you pay $20 dollars a year for a professional looking website that has the functionality of a WordPress Blog!!!!!! :-) :-) :-)



    Well, it was $15 on Thursday.



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    why would anyone go for a paid blog when you can get it free…will they allow adsense???? as it makes professional sense.



    Can one of the “key masters” please delete the post made by HMEL? And while you are add it delete their blog since spamming is a violation of the WordPress terms of service. The point of this post was to congratulate for offering a great service for a great price, not for HMEL to come on here and spam an outside service.

    aishwaryawedsabhishek, if you want adsense, since it makes professional sense, then take your professional sense over to and download the free software and install it on your own professional sense server, and knock yourself out. hehe LOL :-)



    Are you sure about that, RainCoaster? $15 dollars? If that is true, then I am a big dummy for paying $10 dollars to purchase my domains from an outside domain seller and then getting that domain hosted here on

    Notice, HMEL, how I didn’t mention the name of the outside domain seller, because that would be spamming. Although, in this case I suppose it would be a bit of a reverse psychology spam. (if there is such a thing)



    $15 gets you the domain and domain mapping. If you buy your domain elsewhere, you only pay WordPress $10 for domain mapping.

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