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    i badly want to start a new wordpress blog. the doamin i wanted was this doamin has been already taken by someone else. but that someone else has not posted anything. it still has the default wordpress posts and comments. it was started in Nov 2005. so definitely not new.

    is there anyway that i could get the blog ????



    Unfortunetly, no. It’s theirs for as long as they want it.



    Just like how I wanted nosysnoop for a Yahoo email account but someone already took it. So I have a _ in between. Is there something else you can add to it so the name bloogle still remains?


    i wanted to have some knid of a blogosphere thing. were people could submit blogs and they could get listed. the blogosphere is too large for just 1 catalague (technorati). so if anyone hits on a name for this or wants to take part int this thing pls reply.

    is there ABSOLUTELY no way ??? there arent any posts or anything in it. it hasnt been edited from the default wordpress stuff. even the samplepost and comment is there. since Nov 05. can wordpress give me the guy’s email id so that i could ask him or something???? or anything else at all??? or else just tell me a good replacement name.



    There is no way.

    If I gave the email for that account then I would be obliged to give any other bloggers email address out on request and such a breach of privacy would not be a good thing.

    We have no way of knowing why that blog remains unused. It could be abandoned or the owner may be unable to use it.

    It’s their blog – just like yours is yours. We do not draw a line about how long a blog is inactive before anything happens to it. Right now, so long as a blog does not break the TOS it stays in whatever state the owner chooses.

    It’ll have to be a new name.

    Other information is in the FAQ.



    And while for some…what Podz has mentioned in his last comment…might be not what they are wanting to hear, as they are wanting access to user names that have already been taken. To me and many, many others here at WP, we apprieciate the fact that email addresses and other personal info is kept confidential, and that our blogs are ours :)



    Privacy and security are of primary concern to me so I’m glad WordPress takes these matters so seriously and has such a policy.

    I’m not sure what it is that you are suggesting but there are other catalogues like blogexposion and there services like blinklist, icerocket and Technorati is a huge “outfit” so I don’t quite understand how you think you can establish a large catalogue and services like ther’s on a free blog, but maybe I’m missing something here or maybe I’m misunderstanding what it is that you propose to do.

    Why not put your imagination to work as nosysnoop suggests. And how about using “bugle” instead of such an obvious google knock-off like bloogle?

    I’m sure you can overcome this barrier if you really start thinking creatively about names.



    I’m srry TT, I just had to LOL when I read the start of your post. Privacy? When we blog, we share our thoughts and feelings on the internet. Privacy?? hehe!

    Yes, I understand exactly the context in this case, it just make me giggle that’s all. :)



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    P.S. Granted this is shameless self-promotion but I do think you will lol.


    ok i get all the privacy thing and know that like that policies can’t be changed and should not be changed.

    i guess ill start thinkin about new names. @TT dude if the unix devs had said “windows already exists. why another ?” then we would be in monopoly hell right now. i can always abandon the project if its a hopeless disaster. but im gonna try.

    next curse of action – go leave a comment on the blog and see if he writes back. thats allowed.



    I’m srry TT, I just had to LOL when I read the start of your post. Privacy? When we blog, we share our thoughts and feelings on the internet. Privacy??

    Then why do people here keep asking for it? That’s what I don’t understand.

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