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    hi all,

    i’ve read the FAQ about the comments issue, and i have one question –
    when a READER \ SUBSCRIBER writes a comment in my blog, he wishes
    to be notified when i respond to his comment.
    in order to get such a notification, he needs to check the “Notify me of
    follow-up comments via email” check box, but when he does that, he gets
    notified on each and every comment that is posted in the blog.

    most of my readers don’t mark that check box because of that reason.

    how can they be notified automatically when i respond to their comment,
    without getting notifications about all other comments that are written in
    the post?

    thanks a lot.

    The blog I need help with is



    They cannot. That functionality does not exist here.



    i had a feeling that this is the situation. i’m surprised to
    hear that, because it harms the relation with the readers,
    because they write a comment but never get to read my answer…

    thanks for the reply.

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