Getting a page to pull a blog.

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    Hi all!

    I have a website, which is actually just a domain through go daddy sending people to my website that lives on wordpress. I have pages i.e.: lets meet, design, photography, contact.

    Id like to create another page named blog. I want to know what I need to do to make the page “blog” pull up (within my website) my other wordpress (which is not a website but is my blog) ?

    I just want someone to be able to click “blog” and have the actual blog show up right there on that page. is this possible? thank you!

    The blog I need help with is


    Member is a WordPress.ORG install on Godaddy.

    do you want to move everything to WordPress.COM? Do you want to keep your Godaddy site?


    auxclass you are not following my problem.

    I have my website yes, with the install on go daddy, for now it is fine the way it is. I am not happy with it as an whole, but will deal with that issue later.

    the problem i have right now is that i want to go into my wordpress for my website,, add a page, name is blog. THEN, i want my actual blog to just be there whenever someone clicks on the hyperlink titled blog.

    i want someone to be able to click blog, and just see my blog appear there, on that page space. i feel like there is a way to do this, i just do not know what/how it is.

    i hope this makes sense. i do not know how else to better describe this.


    i have seen other people do this. i just do not know how to do it.


    Also as a side note, does anyone know how I can entirely delete an existing blog? I WANT TO GONE FOREVER. Thanks.



    Sure. You delete it at the source and then you contact every search engine in every country and ask them to delete it. And then you cross your fingers.


    You don’t want to create duplicate content. That will kill you with the search engines since you will be competing with yourself.

    I suggest pulling the RSS feed into a page on your website. That won’t harm your search engine ranking.

    Google “adding RSS feed to website” and you will find some code to do this. You will need to know something about javascript to do it though.


    Raincoaster, I think I was so dramatic about forever part because Ive seen all these posts & then everryones like are you sure? Are you positive? You can undo this. ETC.

    I really don’t care if the thing lives on the web, its blank. I transferred the content to my new blog name anyway I just don’t want to “own” the name anymore. When I try to go to the dashboard to get rid of it the only option I see is to transfer the blog to someone else.

    thesacredpath yes! I knew there was a way, and I had a feeling it had to do with using java & rss the sad part is, I do not know how to really use java so this will be a journey! Thank you for helping though. :)



    You don’t want to deliberately duplicate content across domains and this is why >

    I noted this from a comment thescardepath posted while back.
    On your webiste you will have to write something in PHP or javascript to do that. Here are a couple options:


    Ok let me ask a different question because none of the solutions listed have either done what I want to worked.

    Does anyone know if there is a way once I am using a wordpress install on go daddy, to make just ONE SINGLE PAGE function as a blog, but not make the rest?

    This website is doing EXACTLY WHAT I WANT. The site is a site but when you click news, it is a blog. that is what i want to do but i do not know how.


    You can use categories. Right now you have your “news” page, which is the “blog” pages set at settings > reading.

    What you would do is to set a category “news” and assign all “news” posts to that category, and then set a category for your blog and assign that category to your “blog” posts. Then include links to those two categories in your top navigation.


    I’ll add though that for the software on your website, you need to be over at http://wordpress.ORG/support/ . That is where the self-hosted version of wordpress is supported.


    thesacredpath i am not following you.

    I understand what categories do. I know what you mean by the setting > reading option. After that I do not think you are responding to anything I asked.

    that link IS NOT MY WEBSITE. it has nothing to do with me. I posted it as an example stating what the person has is what I want. I want my website to work has hers does in the essence that she has a website, but then has a news page aka blog that you do not have to leave her website to view/read/use.

    I am trying to achieve the same thing. My website is hosted through go daddy and then has “lives” off a wordpress install. I simply want to add one page to my website, and make my wordpress blog live on it within my website. Some of you have suggested using rss, i tried but ran into issues with my website telling me i do not have a side bar defined. i found info on line to define it, added that code to the functions.php & where else i was told to add it but then kept getting an error message saying cannot modify header. i tried dealing with some code for a bug fix but that didnt work out. i basically ran into 10 issues.

    through looking around though, I do not think the rss is what i want exactly. it seems like that just sends a bunch of plain text lines from your source onto a page. Not the goal here.

    i don’t feel like anyone is clearly understanding my question and i do not know how to further state my questions.


    WordPress.ORG sites are supported at wordpress.ORG. is a wordpress.ORG installation.

    Create a page. Call it blog, call it lasagna, call it hubcap, call it whatever you want. Publish that page. Go to settings > reading and set that page as your “posts” page and click save changes. All posts you create and publish will then show up on that page (assuming the theme you are using is “normal.”

    I have no idea if your theme supports wordpress custom menus, whether it has its own menu system, whether you are using a plugin menu system, or if it just uses the ancient non-customizable menu system from the days of old so I have no idea what will be required to get your blog page to show up in the menu system on that site.

    Issues with that site need to be addressed at the wordpress.ORG forums.


    I follow everything you just said, however, I do not see how that answers my initial forum question, or to what question thereafter you are answering.

    When you say ” all posts you create and publish will show up on that page ” where are you referring to? What I mean is, all posts created where? In a fantasy land doing what you explained would magically make my blog pop up on the page named “blog/lasagana/hubcap” but I know that isn’t true, which is the goal, so Im not sure what you are telling me to do this for.



    Many, I think I understand what you want to do.

    You have a website, one page of which is:

    Why not just have a link on that page, as you have other links on the menu on that page, to take the reader to your blog?

    One the blog you have a menu item to take them back to your business web site – would the user really know the difference? If you only have the one active “posts” page, it would be simple enough to do.

    The Site you have link to above, is all on one site as far as I can tell, using a self-hosted install of WP software. I don’t know why you don’t just do the same thing with your own website, which auxclass states is a WP.ORG install, so could have it’s own blog page. Just export your .COM posts and import them.

    I think you are trying to make something that should be easy very complicated by having one on .ORG and one on .COM What is the reasoning behind your desire to do this?



    My site is a self hosted site using the wordpress install, yes.

    I would be happy to do what she has done, but I do not know how. Your comment to export my .com posts doesn’t mean anything to me ( I don’t know what you are saying).

    I really don’t want one .org & one .com. I want ONE.COM, but I do not know how to make one page on my .com act like a blog, use a blog theme, while the rest of the pages do what they are doing now. I imagine I would have to create a page, and give it its own code, css etc but I am not obviously very good at any of this so I thought logically it would be simpler to make my blog appear as a page on my .com as the did with theirs.


    Let me correct myself:

    I know what you mean literally as in, I see where in tools it says export & import, and I know what exporting & importing are in general terms but I have never used them on WP and do not know who to use them.



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    @mandycanexo, to me it makes absolutely no sense to try and pull your wordpress.COM blog into your already existing self-hosted wordpress installation when you have the full blog capability on your main site right now. The amount of time and energy that would be required to custom program something like that – if it is possible at all – would be a supreme waste of your resources.

    The site you referenced as an example, , created and published a page called “news” and then they set that as their “posts” page at settings > reading. Any post they create then shows up on the “news” page. That page is NOT pulled in from a different blog. It is using the blog stuff right from their own website.

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