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    Hi all,

    My blog is at I am using the Mistylook theme

    A day or so ago, I signed up for Feedburner. What a confusing application! Never mind that for now.

    After setting up a Feedburner account, I didn’t set up a text widget for the link because I wanted to test it out first.

    So I tested it with this posting:

    As you can see, I have some rather fancy formatting, drop caps, outlines, pictures, etc, that sort of thing.

    Well, Feedburner sent me a great-looking email feed of that. I was delighted and proudly showed it to my wife, a retired English teacher from the UK, God bless her thumping little gizzard!

    She noticed a few typos. So I went in and fixed them, thinking FeedBurner would send me an updated email. But that did not happen.

    I tried printing it to my PDF creator utility, and the result was terrible. Then I tried making a copy by cutting and pasting the post into Writer, which is better than Word or Wordperfect for accepting such items. But the result was still unsatisfactory and not a patch on the version that FeedBurner sent me. My wife is wearing an expression on her face that is a mixture of pity and weariness. I am muttering things under my breath that would not be gentlemanly for me to repeat in a family forum like this one.

    So how can I get an updated copy of that post that reflects its appearance in my Firefox web browser?

    I am using Windoze XP and the latest Firefox.


    Alan OldStudent

    The blog I need help with is



    Feedburner sends a new email once daily at the most, if and only if there has been a new post since the last email. Feedburner does not send a new email notification every time you update something on your post.


    So how can I get a copy of this page in a word processor, say Openoffice Writer? Or how could I get a PDF of it? I have the CutePDF printer utility, which prints documents to a PDF file (

    But that printer driver, and several like it, cut the images in half, putting part of them on one page and another part on another page, and it cuts off text where the page break is.

    I’m looking for a solution that will get me a copy of this page.


    Alan OldStudent

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