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    Bing is asking for a site map this few months for my site below, how/where do i get it.

    The blog I need help with is



    Why are you asking and who are you asking? They are automatically supplied to search engines, you do nothing >


    I thought you told me that years ago that theres no need, but why am i geting these emails, the bottom one was this morning.

    Dear Webmaster,

    This is a weekly report on the open issues categories we have detected on your site.



    Please visit the Bing Webmaster Tools at your convenience for detailed information.

    Bing Webmaster Team

    To unsubscribe or change the frequency of this message, please visit the Bing Webmaster Tools to update your preference.


    Dear Webmaster,

    Welcome to Bing Webmaster Tools!

    The Bing Webmaster Tools Team is excited that you have signed up to see how Bing and Yahoo drive visitors to your website. Before you get started, we need to verify that you are the owner of your website.



    This is the link to your sitemap:

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