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    Hi! I’m trying to set my blog so that the first few paragraphs appear, and then the reader has to click on a link to read more. I’ve seen other people doing that but I’m having trouble figuring out how to do it on my own. I went to settings–readings–and clicked “summary” for “For each article in a feed, show.” Nothing happened.

    My friend said I should create pages and links for each post, but I don’t want to go to that work if WordPress already has a way of doing the summary for me.

    Thanks for your help!

    The blog I need help with is



    There is no way to set a blog up to automatically split content and post only excerpts on the front page when posts are. However, there are some themes with this feature.

    On all themes we can use “the more tag” to split content and achieve what you want by clicking a button in each post before we publish it. See >

    This page which you referred to > Settings > Reading provides us options for setting the RSS feeds (just the feeds) to “summary” or to “full”.



    I had a heck of a time figuring this out, but once I did it’s so easy.

    When you create a post use the “read more” tag in the visual editor (where you write your text) on the Edit/New post page. It’s the icon to the right of the one for making and breaking links. When you click on it, it says “insert more tag”. It looks like too blocks with a space between them.

    Write your first lines or paragraphs and then click on this icon where you want the “read more” link to appear. It will insert a cut-off line that says “read more” at the end of the line in the visual editor (but this line won’t show up on the post, only “read more” will.) This will make the “read more” link appear on the post at the end of that section. Then, whatever you write after that will appear on another page.

    You can also go to the WordPress support pages and type in “read more” or “read more tag” in the search box to read the WordPress instructions for how to do this. There are a few tricks. For example, it doesn’t work to type in all your text and then try to use the “read more” tag in the middle of the text. This can mess up the formatting. You need to insert it where you want it before you continue typing.

    Good luck!



    These are the important things about splitting content by inserting “the more tag” into text in post that I forgot to state above:
    1. Do NOT insert “the more tag” into a block of text that’s within blockquotes.
    2. Do NOT expect to see the “the more tag” to display spilt content in preview mode. If you did insert it then it will not appear until after you publish the post.



    I have checked your RSS feed for posts (entries) and see no posts are displaying there at all. That’s odd. So I checked the Feed Validator and got these results >


    This feed does not validate.
    line 59, column 2: url must be a full and valid URL: ../files/2009/12/dsc005761.jpg?w=300 (2 occurrences) [help]
    In addition, interoperability with the widest range of feed readers could be improved by implementing the following recommendation.
    line 28, column 140: Unregistered link relationship: search [help]
    …” title=”Good To Grow” />

    Your blog needs Staff intervention. here’s the link to contact them >



    They haven’t gotten back to me – I’ve sent an email three days in a row. Now I’m worried that I’ve annoyed them! I’m sorta heartbroken about it.

    Thanks for all the info on the “read more” stuff. I really appreciate knowing not to wait until the end to insert the tag. I’d been planning on writing out the posts as normal, then inserting them. So thanks for saving me that frustration, appreciate it!



    You’re welcome and I do hope Staff get back to you soon.

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