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    I understand the difference between posts and pages. I have successfully created tabs at the top of my blog for my new static pages using San Kloud theme. However, I can’t figure out how to give my dynamic “posts” page a tab at the top. So for instance, if the reader has gone to one of my static pages, I’d like the reader to have a clear tab at the top that says “posts” or “home” or “blog” to go to the dynamic page. Yes, the reader can get to the posts page by clicking the blog title, but I’d like a tab up there because clicking on the blog name is not intuitive for some.

    In my dashboard, if I go to pages>all pages, I see just the static pages, along with a page called “Title.” I am unable to click on or change “Title” to determine if that page is my dynammic page with the posts. In fact, I have no idea why “Title” is there and I can’t seem to change it in any way.

    In my dashboard, if I go to posts>all posts, I see the list of my two initial posts and have the opportunity to edit them.

    However, I can’t see any way to connect my posts to a tab in the navigation bar (menu?) at the top of the blog.



    There is no active link to the blog wearing the San Kloud theme in this thread. The blog linked to your username is wearing Twenty Ten. Please post the URL for the blog your are on about so we can see it and provide accurate answers to your questions.

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