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    Ok, so this is probably a really simple thing to do, but I just cant seem to get it.
    I have a post on my main post page which says “heres a cool video” and then the video.

    My problem is that on my main post page it does not show the video.

    I’ve went into settings and reading and checked the box to show full post but the video (from you tube) still is not showing.

    Can someone please help me??
    I’m sure there is something obvious that I’m missing.

    Thank you

    The blog I need help with is



    You’re not missing anything. You’re using a theme that doesn’t display media on the front page. You will need to use a manual Excerpt:



    Thanks for your help rain coaster.

    I’ve done what you say, but when I copy the link for the youtube clip into the except it only shows the writing and not an embedded video.

    is there code i have to use to get the video to play on the home page?
    Or would it be easier to choose another theme?




    I think it would be easier to choose another theme.

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