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getting another blog registered

  1. christopherrobin

    Somehow I was able to get 3 blogs registered, and then I return a couple of weeks later and when I try to register another one, the screen tells me username already in use and email already in use - I know it is because it's mine! How do I register another blog or is 3 the limit?

  2. There is no limit. Sign in as you normally do, then go to the main page. It should have a little box with your details and "Register another blog" under that. Click on it.

  3. From memory you need to have a distinct email address for each blog. Given how many email addresses most people have that should not be a problem.

  4. No, you need a different email for every user ID, but you can have multiple blogs under one ID.

  5. Exactly, if you want them under different accounts then you need different email addresses, but there is an FAQ on how to 'fool' the system with the same one.


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