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Getting back a deleted blog's url

  1. okay. i did the stupidest thing the other day by deleting a blog of mine, but now i want back the url. i ignorantly skipped reading those cautions beneath the page before deleting my blog. is there any way at all for me to get back the url or is it lost forever and ever?

  2. You will need to contact staff, but you are probably out of luck:

  3. dun think there is a remedy to the situation.

    but can always try your luck with the support

  4. The whole policy of WordPress on deleted blogs doesn't make sense to me. If you extend it to the very end it means that decades from today when people who created blogs with wordpress will either be dead or would have deleted them it will be impossible for anyone to have a meaningful URL because they will ALL be reserved because of that policy. What's up with that?

  5. darknessrisses

    Eventually is going to have to do database cleanup and delete the old information for all the old deleted and inactive blogs so people can have meaningful urls. Hopefully they will do it sooner than later.

  6. ok_ another stupid users behavior, by following a friend instructions... everything turned out wrong...,

    i had 2 blogs

    just today i bought a domain (15 credits),

    i added the domain to

    then i deleted

    ... now that i write down it looks really foolish...i didn't realized that by deleting it, i will not be able to use the domain...

    so my questions are:

    can i still use that domain?, (i thought i was deleting the sub-domain)
    and in case i can not, can i transfer my credits to a new domain?
    thank you_ my friend takes all the blame

  7. We can fix this - no problem.

    Send something to support with the right names, and tell us what the ideal outcome is and we'll try to make that happen.

  8. mark
    i am the foolish friend_ (caro_ another worldpress user) i love you!

  9. wordpress _

  10. I'll send the right names tomorrow to the sipport area.
    Thanks again!

  11. support area.

  12. I've already send the information filling the supporting form.Shall I wait for a while?

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