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    I’m a “newbie” to Blogging. I was mucking about today on my Blog, changing themes, etc., and now I’ve really screwed things up! The more I tried to get back to my original set-up the worst things became. How can I get back to default settings on everything?

    The blog I need help with is



    The default theme for WordPress is twentyten. You can start by simply reverting back to that fairly simple theme.

    Without knowing more about what you did or didn’t do I can’t give you specific help.

    But if you contact support, and include your URL, they can do more to help you.

    Unfortunately your timing isn’t great – support is closed until next week:


    Thank you for your reply. Here is what is missing –
    Categories such as Posts, Comments, Recent Posts, etc. Also the Calendar is missing.
    I went back to the 2010 default but that didn’t solve the problem. I’ve made a change to something in Tools or Settings or something else that keeps those items from appearing regardless of what theme I use.



    The default setting on any theme includes a display that simulates the appearance of widgets in the sdebar. In fact when you go here the default widgets are not actually in use > appearance > Widgets

    This is easy to remedy. All you need to do is drag and dropthe widgets of your choice out of the Available Widgets box into your sidebar box and set them up and save them. This is the support link for the main page for widgets >


    Thank you for your assistance.
    I tried dragging and dropping widgets, but they don’t show up on the Home Page. As an example; I dragged the Calendar Widget and it didn’t show up. I can find my Categories on the Dashboard, but they are not checked, and when I do check them they do not show up on the Home Page either. Something appears to be basically wrong and I’m not sure what I screwed up. I was fooling around with all the settings today and Posts, Comments, Recent Posts, Make a comment, and Calendar, etc. are all gone! Very frustrating!!


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    @ victorgalleries

    Do you have any posts on that site linked to your name?

    If you don’t have any posts, then there is nothing for either the archives calendar or the categories widget to display. When you have no posts in a category, then there are no posts to list in the widget. Same with an archives calendar.

    Some thoughts about what to check:

    I don’t see anything under “Tools” that would affect the way posts
    (if you have them—which you apparently did) would display.

    Under “Settings”
    —> Writing —> Default Post Category —> what category have you selected there?
    —> Reading —> Front Page Displays —> Front page displays —> Static page?
    If Static Page, then which page have you selected for that? and also which page have you chosen for your Posts page?

    I’m not sure how this would affect the problem, but you might go to
    —> Appearance —> Widgets —> (upper right of screen) Screen Options —>
    “Enable Accessibility Mode” —> try adding widgets to your side bar —> what happens?


    Thank you for your response. I have been out-of-town and could not get back to you in a timely manner. I guess the first question then is ………. “can I get back the Posts that I deleted?” I would Post something myself just to see what comes back (“Calendar”. etc.), but neither the “Posts” field or the “Comments” field displays so I have nowhere to type a new Post in to.
    I have tried adding Widgets to the Sidebar, but all that shows up are “Categories” and “Archives”. I’ve tried inserting some “Categories” but nothing shows up.
    Thank you for your assistance!



    You can find deleted posts in the ‘Trash’. On the Posts page you should see links at the top of the list titled ‘All’, ‘Draft’ and ‘Trash’. Click on the ‘Trash’ link and it will show a list of items you deleted. If you hover over each item you’ll see a link to ‘Restore’ the post.

    The categories widget will only display information if there are published posts assigned to categories. Your best bet is to just publish a few posts and create a few categories and play with them to see what happens. You can always delete the posts later. You also might want to check out this page for an introduction to


    Thank you for your comments. I believe that you may have solved the problem! When I went back in and undeleted the Post, everything returned back to normal. I consider this issue resolved. Thanks to everyone for your help!

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