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Getting Direction

  1. So, one of the first things you should do when starting a blog is get your theme decided. I rushed into things, and made my tagline (and general content) "Ponderings on Happiness, Homosexuality, and Life in General". I like this, but feel it closes doors and keeps me too narrow. Really, what I want to do with my blog is to share my journey of life long learning and personal discovery with others, hopefully in an interesting and entertaining way. Maybe I should change my general "direction" to "sharing the learning" or something. What do you guys think?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. SORRY! Just realised I have posted this in COMPLETELY the wrong place, but still, if you have an opinion please comment!

  3. Not to worry. I will flag this thread so it's moved to the Off-Topic Forum for you and you can chat with other bloggers about this there. Are you aware that you can change you tagline at any time here? Settings > General
    Don't forget to click "save changes" when you have done so if that's what you wish to do.

  4. Flagged for moving to Off Topic

    Good luck with your blog.

  5. ~~auxclass
    good day to you. :)

  6. ~~~ hello to all:
    moved to "off topic…"

  7. Thanks all you technical buds out there - I sometimes feel that the world would stop without you!

  8. Why is one of the first things you should decide on your theme? I couldn't disagree more.

    The single biggest mistake I see is beginners farting around with their themes endlessly prior to actually publishing anything. Nobody comes to your blog to look at your theme; NOBODY.

  9. While that is very true Raincoaster, a theme can put people off returning to your blog if it is really hard to read.

    I find my daughter's blog really hard to read. Because she is my daughter I read it - LOL - but if she were not I probably wouldn't vist too often.

    Plus I notice of late (has anyone else noticed this?) some comment dialogues are having the text the same colour as the background (maybe IE only) and it makes commenting very problematic!

  10. strawberryindigo

    I am very new here and I can't come up with a theme. I don' t see how I can restrict myself to any kind of theme. I'm really all over the place on that one. I guess I'll keep writing and maybe if I listen intently, my theme will speak to me.

  11. I'm taking "theme" to mean a creative theme, as in -what to write about- not a WP theme. But maybe I'm wrong?

    Patrick, just write... your theme will surface. ;-)

  12. Gigi - I'm inclined to agree with you. Oh well, now the OP has advice on both "themes". :)

  13. Hi Team O...
    Yes, and I can see what both you and raincoaster are saying. Two great points. :-)

  14. strawberryindigo --> I see two words in "theme."

    the me

    Etymology for "theme" says "thema" (Greek) meant "something placed."

    So when you say, "I'm really all over the place" --> this is good. You're right on target, being all over the place right now. Cuz it doesn't sound scattered to me. I'm not understanding everything you're saying but your writing is pretty focused.

    "I withdrew even further and then came the first brick in what was to become my wall…"

    Waiting to hear about the brick :o)

  15. @Gigi - I was inspired by your comment! Go check it out!

  16. I'm inspired that you married Sydney Poitier.

  17. I did? Mr O is cute, maybe even cuter, but I didn't marry Sidney!

  18. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh - I see what you mean! LOL

  19. strawberryindigo

    Gigi: thanks for your words of encouragement. This is only my second day at this.

    Keep reading, you will find many bricks. And thanks for reading my ramblings.

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