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Getting error message: script not working

  1. Getting error message :script not working

    In the box it says:
    Line: 1332
    Char: 87
    error: Expected [something that looks like a face - can't tell what the characters are]
    code: 0
    Blog url:

  2. Hi there,
    What exactly were you trying to achieve that resulted in the error message? What did you do immediately prior to it displaying?

  3. I didn't do anything at all. I opened my browser and my blog page opens up as my home page on it. It seemed to be having trouble getting to the page and then that error message popped up.
    I hadn't added any new posts to it.
    I have two blogs on wordpress and my other blog was getting an similar error but listed it as a problem with the "Digg" share button in the "URL" section of the error message. I removed the link to share on Digg and that solved the problem there, the other blog opens fine now. (
    But for this blog ( I don't know what the error message is saying to me in the "URL" section.

  4. That's weird and I've flagged this thread so Staff will take a look at your blog and offer some assistance.

  5. Please try enabling HTTPS:

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