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Getting exposure for you blog

  1. tiamatsdisciple

    I've been thinking on this for a few days now, and decided id post some ways of getting exposure.

    Probably one of the best ones is to join BlogShares. Their widget fits into a text box with no trouble. It's a good way to get your blogged linked to other blogs, and of course you need to link to them aswell :)

    Next is the usual exposure routine. I am a member of a number of forums, and on all of these forums i have a signature that links to my blog. Also, i use a site called SigFeeder which incorporates a RSS into my signature so people can see what my recent posts have been. Most of my visits come from my SigFeeder account.

    Also a lot of forums now have a member links section, where people can post links to their websites and blogs. Make sure you keep it upto date though.

    Sign up for blog indexing. There are a large number of blog indexers out there that once you sign up will index your blog and let other members know when you've posted. Here's a google search for blog index to get you started: GOOGLE SEARCH

    Once your signed up use an offline editor (i highly reccomend Windows Live Writer) for making your posts. Why? cause when you post you can set it to automatically ping the indexers so they know you have made a new post.

    Also, how many emails do you send? Add a signature to all your out going emails linking to your blog. You'd be suprised how many people will visit from email signatures. Word of advice though, dont use graphics, or complex addresses as most people wont touch them other wise. Keep it simple like 'Don't forget to drop by my blog a'. Simple is best. no need to get all flashy.

    Buy you exposure. sites like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Lycos all have varying payment scheemes for sponsored rankings (that creamy yellow colourd box at the top of your google searches) You can buy clicks in advance, or sign up for pay per click. Where when ever clicks on the link to your site you get billed a certain amount.

    If you use IRC set up your entry and exit notes to list your blog. You can even set it so it will tell people your most recent posts. Be warned though some chat rooms frown on this, and others have limitations on how many adds you can display per hour.

    Word of mouth, tell people you meet who appeare to share an interest your blog. Don't be afraid to tell them where you are.

    Business card/Contact Card. When im out at conventions and stuff i meet a lot of people, and i usually end up making a lot of new friends who want to know how to contact me. Instead of writing on backs of hands, backs of t-shirts (done that a few times lol) or scraps of paper. I now give them a contact card which has my name, mobile (i never give out my home number, always the mobile lol), email and blog address.

    The most obvious, your blog roll. Find other blogs who post about similar things. If say someone in the top 10 has a similar blog as you, email them asking if they'd be interested in foing a link exchange. I've only had a few occassions where ive been turned down.

    Finally, make your blog user friendly. If you use a theme that looks nice, but is hard to read or navigate, people wont stay. Becareful with the moderation, moderate to much and people wont stay either. Make sure your blog is upto date, if there's months between your posts then naturally your going to lose viewers. Depending on your topic you should be aiming for 3-4 posts a week. A lot of the top ranking blogs post 2 or 3 times a day. It all depends on your content.

    Hope that helps some :)

  2. That's a nice scribe. Perhaps Mark or one of TPTB could put it in the FAQ?

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