Getting Fed Up With WordPress

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    I have been blogging here since ’08 and have set up 5 blogs for myself, my businesses and friends, Ive brough to the site. I’ve been a passionate supporter of this project.

    But is it just me or is the basics being missed, and the stability of the system being compromised. I’m not an HTML or CSS expert, I’m a content guy, I leave the other stuff to the experts. I just want the platform to handle the content

    1 The autosave feature supposed to take a snapshot every 2 minutes is obviously shot. I spent a hour this morning writing all the details for our fishing report I scheduled the publish time, and went off on more work, when I checked back I found that nothing had published after the click through point. Wasn’t the first time either. So I go to the post revisions _ only one autosave between 4.11 and 7.17am. So all that work blown. This is not the first time in recent months. I’ve lost stuff on update, Ive lost stuff when I’m scheduling, particularly youtube and vimeo videos, which I end up haveing to HTML post as the video posting popuff seems to be screwed too

    Even better my subscribers have now received our fishing report which looks half done, so I look like an idiot.

    2. The Search function is in the crapper. We have almost 1200 posts _ try searching anything, normally nothing found.

    3. I’m having problems posting images. Better than 70% of the time I end up not being able to use the Image edit box, so have to resize images by mouse

    4. Support hasn’t been able to even provide a reasonable answer. In relation to 3 I’m supposed to take a screenshot _ handy when I click on the image editor and nothing shows up.

    I’ve loved WordPress, but quite simply having taken over a new business and working mucho hours I can’t afford the time its taking to get anything done and achieved. I have thought of going to if its more stable but the experiences here aren’t giving me a great deal of confidence.

    Is this crap happening to anyone else?

    There seems to be more and more features being built in, but quite honestly its pointless if it becomes a PIA to get any of the basics like posting some text, a couple of photos and some video.

    The blog I need help with is


    Additionally, now I’m trying to go back and replace the river by river information, and it won’t let me add any txt below the last image on the screen. which was immediately above the *More* link

    Helpful huh.


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    Sorry to hear about your experience. You are right that staff is doing a lot of things we volunteers can’t see, and that can mean some odd things happen.

    Occasionally there will be a glitch, such as getting logged out (we don’t get notified before being automatically logged out) and strange things happen when updating. But I always copy-all before pressing the update button.

    One suggestion I’d make with adding pictures is to add your captions last—after you write the rest of your post: if you use only the Visual Editor sometimes the cursor places itself within the image code tags and that will certainly mess up your image placement. A similar problem can arise when you use the more-tag.

    Have you tried using an offline editor such as Windows Live Writer or Ecto?

    I looked at your blog, and your posts are listed in global tags, so people are able to search for things you (tag and) write about.


    I will try adding captions last.

    Using an offline editor kinda defeats the purpose doesn;t it. adds more freaking steps.



    Not really. You’re just writing offline instead of online. You hit the publish button there and it uploads your post to your blog. Why not try it out on a test blog first before dismissing it entirely?

    Granted this does not address your legitimate concerns about problems you are having with writing your posts online, but it does give you an alternative.

    By the way, what browser/version are you using?




    Just adding my two cents to the discussion… I feel that ozark is right. Lately WordPress suffers from weird behaviour. Every now and then it is slow at browsing, editing, can’t find the pic-hosts, etc.

    And one other thing I think is really annoying, which has to do with the way activating themes work… A new theme should inherit settings in my opinion.



    More cents:

    Even now, clicking submit for this reply gives:

    “Slow down; you move too fast.
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    I mean, seriously!

    And then:
    “404 Not Found




    “Slow down; you move too fast.
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    You need to leave about 20-30 seconds between your responses. This is probably one of many measures taken to prevent spam.

    “404 Not Found

    Like many websites, has its occasional hiccups. And since you were able to post this, it means everything is back to normal for you eh?

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