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Getting found on Google

  1. How do I get my site to show up on google searches. I have an old site that is found when I do related searches, but I created a new wordpress site and it is never found. I checked to see if teh URL was in google and it is, but i clearly don't have something set up right in order for google to find me.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there, provides the search engines with a sitemap for your blog and pings the search engines every time your publish and edit. It takes time for Google and the other search engines to index your content. For 10 factors that tend to expedite indexing see >

  3. BTW Your blog is indexed by Google (51 results).
    Your blog is not indexed by Bing.

  4. Your site is new but you have made several Posts which is good - there is also some good news for

    Your robots.txt file is valid and allows search engines to index your content.
    Your blog is indexed by Google (51 results)

    Follow the instructions @TT gave you above for more results

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  8. Thank you for the quick responses. I checked and i see that the site is indexed by Google and not Bing as you suggested. How do I get it indexed by Bing? Is that just a matter of time on their part. I don't expect to get a lot of comments and blogging on my site since it is primarily used to be able to show potential clients my work, so i guess i will not be able to work my way up Googles ranking too much, and maybe time will help that. It is just frustrating that my old site shows up and the new one doesn't even when i put in a very specirfic search request.

  9. See the webmaster tools above

  10. The old site is bound to outrank the new site for some time. Until your posts in the new site attract enough traffic, back links, etc. the old sites URLs will continue to outrank it in the SERPs (search engine page results). You need to focus on
    1. publishing fresh content frequently;
    2. securing traffic;
    3. securing comments;
    4. securing backlinks;
    5. achieving authority in the niche;
    6. achieving Google PageRank.

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