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Getting Fresh with Freshy

  1. I decided to try Freshy on because it feels more "Urbany" to me than Cutline.

    Now... I have the Custom CSS option and the only thing that "translated" over from Cutline to Freshy was removing the border around the Avatars. Yay for that at least!

    1. Does anyone know how to get padding around the images without having to touch the images? Vspace and Hspace do not work.

    2. Does anyone know how to get the post body to have a ragged right edge instead of being wholly justified on both ends?

    3. I had a Custom header I used to rotate. Would that CSS code be the same as I used for Cutline or is there other special CSS I need to add or revise?

    4. Is there any way I can get the search returns to NOT provide full articles? Can I use CSS to have excerpts returned instead or is that impossible?

    Thank you!

    Freshy seems to load really slowly compared to Cutline. Is it a more complex theme that takes longer to load a page?

  2. @boles
    I cannot help, as you already know, but I've got to tell you how great a match this theme is with your blog. Aside from the css things sun can help you with, it's a perfect fit. :D

  3. Wowser, timethief, thanks for that important and valued feedback! Yay!

    I tried Freshy for all of 2 minutes on my live blog after testing it privately today and then I changed it back to Cutline -- but in those 2 minutes -- one reader left a comment on how great the new theme looked and three other regulars emailed me and said how much they "loved the change!" Harr!

    I do like how Freshy handles comments better with colors and ragged formatting. There's also a larger comments box. You have icons for Trackbacks now. Blockquote is a little boring.

    So... I put Freshy back up and ran over here to see if I can fix it up as I did with Cutline!

  4. I'm sure you and sunburntkamel can do what's needed to customize this theme for your blog. And although britgirl is now has a blog hers is also in the Freshy theme so, I thought perhaps you'd like to take a peek at it so here's the url
    You'll note the social bookmarkings at the end of her posts. She's using the Sociable plug-in but sun has already worked out a way for us to add these here.

  5. Thanks for the heads up on brtigirl's blog, timethief. She's done some fine customization.

    I love the Sociable thing! Do we have to insert it ourselves each time or is it somehow auto-added for us everywhere?


    I don't like the white header box that loads first before the header image loads and covers it.

    Is it possible to CSS code that box black instead of white?

  7. At this point we have to insert sun's script at the end of each post.
    However, there's a strong campaign afoot to convince staff that we need to have this "Sociable" plugin coded to run on our multi-user platform here. Or, alternatively to have Alex King's "Share It".

  8. I love Freshy. I was a firm Cutline afficionado before moving to my hosted wordpress blog, (and I still like it) but Freshy never fails to delight me and it suits my blog if you know what I mean. Edgy but fun and it can be customized. Not that I've done as much as I'd like :)
    To boles, I am using the Sociable plugin - which, since it is a plugin, you can't use on, but I know that Adam ( did some customization some time back as TT mentioned. Or maybe the wp team can widgetize the plugin for Social bookmarking is a must.
    Thanks for the mention tt!

  9. Thanks for that info, timethief. I think I'll wait for it to be auto-inserted. I've already opened and resaved all my old posts to remove trashed characters that became part of my posts when I transferred over here.

    That took FOREVER. Not a lot of fun. I don't want some posts to have the badges and others to have nothing.

  10. Thanks for popping in britgirl! I appreciate your direct review. The danger with customizing a theme with CSS here is it makes you reluctant to try new things. Freshy just looked too keen not to try, though. Now I'm hooked!

  11. I agree with TT, the Freshy theme looks great and it's perfect for your blog. That heart image at the very top: who's the artist? Looks very familiar to me...he wouldn't be from LA, would he?

    As for the social bookmarks, it takes only about a minute to do it once you've got the system down. Open the document in Word, hit Edit-->Find-->Replace then do two pastes, control A, control C and paste it in. Seriously, I have a clunky old machine that takes three minutes to open Word, but once it's up you'll find it goes quickly. They key is to use Replace. I also changed the filler text SBK's used with "addy" for the URL and "name" for the title. Easier, less typing. And worth about 300 hits to me over the past 24 hours. Think about it.

  12. raincoaster --

    The images were cleared by someone else on staff. I'll have to ask.

    Thanks for the live feedback on the theme! It seems load so much slower than Cutline, though. Maybe it's an illusion because Cutline overwhelms the eye with all that white while Freshy is darker.

    Have you gone back and inserted that code in all your past posts, too? What if something breaks or changes? Hey, I'm as big a hits whore as you are -- SMILE! -- but even I have my limits!

  13. {Chuckling on the sidelines while gathering important information.} My thought was to simply add them to my new posts and to heck with the over 500 that went before. :-) Don't forget I had to break every link in my blog in order to reduce the categories and I'm still re-creating it. Of course I did this on January 9th and google did their quarterly review and update on January 11th. Anyway there's no way I'll go back just to add these social bookmarks to my old posts.

  14. time!

    That's the temptation to start now and forget the rest -- but then you've voted on the value of your own posts! Only the new matters! It damages the energy of what you put forth before!

  15. I've inserted the text in all my top 20 posts and everything on the front page. Anything else seems like overkill. If I had a pet intern I might get them to do it, but otherwise nah.

  16. Doesn't that make your blog feel imbalanced, raincoaster? Wouldn't your less popular posts benefit more from that propping up?

  17. {She scratches her her head and wonders our loud} Balance? Since when did balance become a characteristic of the blogs of top bloggers? I've always thought of them as being heavily "weighted" {giggle}.

  18. Blogs are not experienced in their totality, but primarily by the front page or one popular post at a time. I feel I've got the main bases covered that way. My less popular posts might indeed benefit, but the return on investment is low for unpopular posts, particularly as something in the back of my mind is telling me to bet that WordPress will automate this at some point in the future.

  19. time!

    Ha! You make a fine point!

  20. Rain!

    That makes sense. I think you're right on Automation looming!

  21. I changed my theme to Freshy tonight and attempted to do some slight CSS editing in the CSS Stylesheet Editor, but something went wrong and I lost the top header and top nav images. Does anyone know how to fix this or go back to where I was before I attempted any CSS changes? Help! :)

  22. I posted on your other post Swabs about this.


  23. I have decided not to make any Freshy Custom CSS changes. It's easier that way if I want to swap templates in the future. I have marked this thread resolved.

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