getting "mobile theme" to respect custom colors…possible?

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    I currently use Twenty Eleven and have Custom CSS applied to it, and I use a dark background color scheme with my blog. I’d really like to have the “mobile” version of my blog look like my real blog, light text on dark background.

    I found this post from about a year ago, saying it’s not possible unless you leave and set up your own blog instance…

    …can anyone verify to me whether this is still true, and if so whether it’s likely to stay true forever?

    If so, I’ll have to abandon all my work customizing Twenty Eleven and switch to Twenty Twelve, which adapts to mobile devices rather than switching to a “mobile theme.” I’d rather not do this. It seems like it would be relatively trivial for to communicate custom text/background colors (nothing complicated, just those) between a popular theme and the default mobile theme. Obviously they can’t go around scanning everyone’s custom CSS…but it seems to me that if you use Theme Options to change colors (which tons and tons of free users do) then those should be respected.

    Thoughts? Corrections? Suggestions? Lemme have it! :)

    The blog I need help with is


    The mobile option you are referring to is a applied separately from your selected theme and there is not a way to add custom colors to it. It might be something we consider adding in the future, however, the current emphasis is more on creating responsive themes that work well on mobile as well as other devices like iPads, etc.

    Both Twenty Eleven and Twenty Twelve are responsive though, and both should work well on mobile.


    If I could get Twenty Eleven to work “well” on mobile, I wouldn’t even have asked this…so perhaps a better question would be how does one use Twenty Eleven on a mobile device without having more than a third of the screen covered with the translucent footer that pops up as soon as you start scrolling?


    I tested, and the footer doesn’t cover a third of the screen when I test from my phone.

    Try unchecking the “Scroll Infinitely” option on your Settings → Reading page to see if you like that better (it doesn’t show the translucent footer).


    I appreciate the suggestion to disable infinite scrolling, I’m considering that a last resort though because I really prefer it.

    This is what I’m talking about:



    I don’t see the infinite scroll footer at all, so I am guessing you have disabled it? And it looks like you’re viewing in landscape, and I don’t know how the IS footer is configured to work with that, so I leave this up to @designsimply to explain better.

    I also don’t know if you will see different results in the WP app, vs. just using your mobile device’s browser, so you may want to take a look at that, too.


    You have to scroll down the equivalent of “one page” for the footer to animate into place. Landscape is how I roll, but more importantly how a lot of my friends and family browse too so it’s significant to me.

    The app works fine for me, but it’s not my user experience I’m concerned with…I don’t really care how my blog looks to me. It’s other people I’m worried about.

    I think I’m going to experiment with Twenty Twelve and see if it behaves any differently, because if it does it shouldn’t be much work to use CSS to tweak it to look pretty much the same to what I have now.

    Overall, I think “responsive” design is a great thing…but this footer business is a real drag. I think the requirement to always show it is reasonable, considering’s interest in visibly branding blogs that it hosts. I just wish the behavior was a bit different on (landscape) mobile displays. If the footer would just display itself on a single line instead of bumping down to a second one, it wouldn’t be too bad.


    Also…since this had turned into a different kind of question, I’m gonna go ahead and mark this as “resolved” (answered the question about custom colors). Perhaps I’ll repost this concern in a more suggestive context for theme designers.

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