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    2 questions – using Ixion theme on blog (ignore the language difference, it’s a visual question).

    1: on the static homepage there is a standard “recent posts” below the text that we introduced as welcome to our page. Is there a way to get more posts here than the standard 5 and ideally a way to get picture + summary? (the widget at the bottom of the page does what we want, however, it is very low and not very nice to look at.
    Alternatively, is there another theme that is better suited to get this layout?

    2: is there a way to create a page (or a search) that gives as a result posts with a combination of 2 specific categories or of a specific category+a specific tab?

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is




    1. I’ll pass on this one. It may be possible with CSS customization.

    2. Yes, that is possible. I presume you mean “specific tag” instead of “specific tab.” You may insert customized Display Posts Shortcode into a static page, inserting specific category and/or tag arguments into the code, and then include a link to that page in your menu.

    Example code:
    [display-posts category="cat1, cat2" tag="tag1, tag2"]



    Thank you for the explanation. It worked mostly, but not completely. It seems that the shortcode does not support the combination of 2 categories or am I getting something wrong?
    – for tags, I found out you need to put the slug (so with – sign if a tag is different words)
    – for categories you need to just write the category as it is, not with the slug
    Maybe the problem is there somewhere?
    Happy to get suggestions to finetune even more.



    That’s interesting. I hadn’t been aware of a difference in how categories and tags are handled in display posts shortcode. My tests produced similar results, but with a difference. I found that, as you did, tags require that multiple words are separated by a hyphen. However, with categories I found that they worked either way, with multiple word titles: the straight title, or with the words of the title separated by hyphens (slug).

    Though they are different, the results that each of us has obtained seem unexpected and odd to me. I’ll call for staff attention, because this may indicate a design flaw. When a staff member responds and addresses your second issue, you may also ask about the first, adding additional posts to “recent posts” on the static homepage.



    It seems that the shortcode does not support the combination of 2 categories or am I getting something wrong?

    For me, it worked when I inserted multiple categories in the shortcode, with or without multiple tags included as well.



    I also got multiple categories if I used comma separated slugs.

    I will say though, the display-posts shortcode will cache results, so minor adjustments to the short code likely won’t show up right away.

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