Getting more than one post on a page

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    It seems when ever I try to add another post to a page other than the front page that it always goes to the front page instead of where I want it to go. Do I need to create another page and make it private and then link it to the only post it seems to allow or is there an alternate route on how to do that?



    You cannot make “posts” (ie sequential units) on pages except your home page. That’s how the whole blog system works; Pages other than the Home Page are not equipped with the ability to function as blogs themselves, they’re just static.

    You can see this for more details:

    What exactly are you trying to do? There might be some workarounds, or the functionality might be built in and called something else. For instance, tags: if you tag all your YouTube videos, but you want one page displaying them all, you already have it: the YouTube page which you can get to by clicking on that tag in your sidebar.

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