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Getting music on my site

  1. Can anyone help me figure out how to put music on my site?

  2. Sure go to the FAQs like I did and type in "how do I get music on my blog?"

  3. I've done that, WordPress isn't informative enough... I've done what they asked me to do, but the buffering doesn't work correctly...

  4. You forgot to give a link so we can see what is occuring. :)

  5. Oh, ok. I'll do what I did and then I'll provide a link. here I go. I'll be back, don't go!

  6. Ok, I have it up, and the URL is . please help!

  7. and can you show the music link you're trying to post?
    because if it isn't an hotlink something like: http://...../namefile.mp3 it won't work

  8. oh.... that probably explains it. the link i'm trying to make work is this-


    heh heh... now that that's resolved, I need to find an MP3 page that has Zelda music on it...

  9. LOL

    i can't even open that link :)

    find some place that lets you upload your own music. or try some podcast sites :)

  10. The reason you can't open it is because I accidentally said ney instead of net. sorry, but I'm really lost. I'm only twelve and I really am only scratching the surface of the internet. If anyone could give me an actual link I could use, that would be wonderful.

  11. for the specific music you're searching, I can't help you, but to host your own files (upload your mp3 files) and link to them in your blog, try these:

  12. bubblethoughts

    Hi.. can I ask where exactly to link it to?? I'm very veyr blur.. thks

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