Getting my page to look like the theme.

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    I have activated the Visual theme by Devin Price. I really like how it displays a grid for the posts and thought it would be a great idea to use it for portfolio display. How can I get my page to look like the grid?

    The blog I need help with is



    Also. Under the ‘About Us’ tab on the nav-bar, I have added two pages under it and made the ‘About Us’ the parent page, but when I hover over the tab it will not give me a drop down of my other options.


    Hi, to get blog page to look like the demo, you need to assign featured images to your posts. The feature images, it looks like, would have to be at least 400px in width.


    On the submenu, you need to add those to the custom menu at Appearance > Menus and then drag them slightly to the right so they are indented under the parent menu item for them to show as a submenu. This support document explains about creating submenus.



    Thank you so much! Any idea how to get rid of the ‘Archive’ and ‘Meta’ widgets on the right hand side? I’ve been trying to find ways and even going to the Widgets tab doesn’t show an option.



    Every theme has a “default sidebar display” which does not contain actual widgets. The first time you move a single widget in any theme here > Appearance > Widgets the “default display” which does not contain actual widgets will disappear.
    More here >




    I’m brand new to the world of WordPress…and would like to use the Fontfolio theme. I’ve bought the $99 package…so think i can use all the customisation tools…but after a number of hours…am no closer to understanding how to simply “copy” the Fontfolio theme front page.

    Can anyone help?



    Thank you both so much! You have been a great help!


    @hyunapark, you are welcome.


    @stevenrdowns, since the theme you are inquiring about is different from the one discussed in this thread, can I ask that you start a new thread and we can most definitely help you get your site looking the way you want it. Many thanks.



    If I want to make my slideshow on my homepage the full width of the gray box, and get rid of the dark gray bounding box on around my images how would I go about that? I’ve tried called the slide in CSS by its class or its id, and make the width 100% but it won’t do anything.



    Also, can’t I make my own class or id? I want to make some of the text into column form by adjusting the width and the height, but I can’t find a class to call it in CSS.



    Okay. So I figured out the editing the HTML part. Yayy! But the slider I still haven’t figured out.




    Well done figuring out the HTML part!

    Have you tried adding this to your custom CSS file for the slider:

    body div.slideshow-window * img { width: 100%; }

    Hopefully that’ll do the trick and make those images full width for you.

    Let me know how it works out :)



    Just tried that. It did make the images in the slider larger, but what I’m trying to do is get rid of the bounding black box, and make the images themselves fit within the content area lines.



    a) To get rid of the grey frame you need this:

    .slideshow-window {
    background-color: transparent !important;
    border: 0 none !important;

    b) I would advise against inuttall’s suggestion (as well as your request to make the images 100% of the content area). The images cannot be real larger versions, they’ll only be blown-up versions of what the slideshow would normally display, so they lose quality.
    A big part of the problem is that the WP slideshow is supposed to be 100% wide (including the grey frame), but 100% wide of the default content column only: it doesn’t take into account the no-sidebar template (which is why your slideshow images were originally a lot narrower). If you aren’t going to publish posts, i.e. if you aren’t going to take advantage of the masonry layout of Visual, I suggest you switch to a theme that doesn’t have a sidebar at all.

    c) If you stick to Visual, or if you switch to any other responsive theme, you need to correct the widths you’ve set for the columns you have created. Responsive themes shrink to adapt to different screen resolutions and devices: drag the browser window to make it narrower and you’ll see that the theme shrinks but your three columns don’t. You need to set their widths as percentages instead of pixel values.



    Okay thank you all so much!

    I’m also trying to remove the borders on the sides of the navigation tabs and having no luck. I’ve tried

    #site-navigation li {
    border-right: none;


    .navigation-main {
    border-right: none 0px;

    but none of them are working.



    Nevermind. Figured that out too.

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