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Getting navigation under the banner for ChaoticSoul

  1. Hello, I current do not have the CSS Custom upgrade, but I am fooling around with the CSS to see what I can do with it. I wanted to know is there a way to make a navigation bar at the top of the blog, just under the header image. If so, what's the code/where do I get the coding.

    Thanks. :)

  2. This is what I use:
    div#globalnav ul#menu {
    margin:-20px 0 0 10px;

    * html div#globalnav {

    div#globalnav ul#menu li {

    div#globalnav ul#menu a,div#globalnav ul#menu a:visited {
    border-left:1px outset;
    border-right:2px outset;
    border-top:1px outset;
    border-bottom:2px outset;
    margin:-5px 3px 15px 0;

    div#globalnav ul#menu li a:hover,div#globalnav ul#menu li.current_page_item a,div#globalnav ul#menu li.current_page_item a:visited {

    It works in Sandbox. Might be different if you're using a different theme.

  3. I've tried this in my template and it's not working. I'm using Sandbox 1.0 and a skin from

    Any idea why it wouldn't work in Sandbox?

  4. There are different versions of Sandbox, though I have no idea which one I'm using. That might be it.

    Or it could be that there's something else in the imported stylesheet that's overriding it.

  5. Too bad that doesn't work for other themes. But hey - at least it gives me some idea ;)

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