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    Even though I have selected for new posts to appear on the front page they don’t appear first. My most recent post (15 July) is sitting underneath an older post on the front page dated in June). How do I resolve this? They belong in the same category (things that make you go hummm) but are not appearing in date order. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is



    If your posts are not displaying in reverse chronological order (most recent published post on top) please check these:

    1. Check your date and timezeone settings are correctly reflecting the timezone you are living in and not the UTC default timezone setting here > Settings > General

    2. Another common reason for disorder of posts is “sticky posts”. How many do you have? Is the answer more than one? Have you tried editing and removing the sticky post designation?



    Thank you so much – I did see a post with the label ‘sticky’ while back and had no idea what it was. I’ve made my latest post a sticky one and that has worked. Thank you!



    Unstick both Posts and things will work normal – if you sticky all your Posts things will get messed up shortly

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