Getting no help with problem I raised some time ago

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    I raised an issue with WordPress because some (so many) of what I was once !! subscribed to have been lost to me I should blame G.mail but only because it seems to have issues with WordPress – and no one can prive – to me any differently
    I have been obliged to quit posting on several blogs – I WAS enjoying the Cerebral Activity and also the FUN FUN FUN of Cute overload etc and
    Now too many of my sites I was allowed to enjoy – are coming in on Gmail reasonably well but reaching my Incredimail looking like pale grey wrapping paper – I sent the forum a letter copied to them tolet them know what I said to google and beyond being thanked for the info nothing more happened
    Guess I’ve had about enough of it



    You are not alone and Staff have been working hard to address this subscriptions issue. What is helpful for them is knowing which email client is being used and which browser and version of it are being used.


    Heart ! you are not the theif of time – Procrastination is the theif of time – and your reply here is the fastest I ever got and the most help

    I use as a Browser Firefox 7 and G.Mail which is usually well behaved and usually passes the emails in their entirety to me to read on my Incredimail – I create internet stationery! My System moreover is Windows Vista.

    I hope to have been of help to you – you are doing well
    My thanks for this
    Patricia aka Patti aka patriciaenola (you do not want to know the others)



    Hi there Patti,
    Thanks for posting specifics. I have flagged this thread for Staff attention. :)


    Good Girl – now they can get your example of how to answer questions and complaints – and you can sit there and go “Neener”



    As mention in we’re still working towards a solution that works for everyone affected by this.

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