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Getting noticed

  1. honestbranding

    My blog is about ideas that define our times. Mostly marketing at the moment but will expand into other areas.
    The “Get a life in 92 days” plea of mine [] says it all- how on Earth do I get noticed?
    All ears; really.

    Thanks and best,

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Read other similar blogs and comment on them.
    Or, you can promote your blog on reddit. It will get you views, but rarely will it get you subscribers. But its a good site to get noticed.

  3. I posted a comment directly on your blog. I enjoyed reading it, since we have some overlap in interests, and I am following your blog now.

  4. Ditto on reddit. I started posting my links to it yesterday. I posted it late yesterday, so it only netted about 9 visits on my first post. Today I posted as soon as I'd published my blog entry, and got 27 visits from reddit (out of 31 total visits today). On the other hand there were no comments and no subscriptions. Also, only 6 people clicked the link for a slide show I was writing about , which means that most of the people who visited probably skimmed the post and moved on to the next reddit link. Still, since this blog is new, I intend to post on reddit regularly. I figure the first step is generating good content, the second is getting the overall number of visitors up, and then the regular visitors and increased participation will come.

  5. Hey great insights guys.

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