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    I changed my privacy options about a month ago to make my blog unsearchable by search engines like google. But when I googled my name just today it came up with my blog. So I went to the google help page for how to remove a page from google search it said:

    “In order to remove content from Google’s index, the webmaster must either change the content of the page itself or use a robots.txt file or meta tags to block us from including the site in our search results.

    If you are the webmaster of this site, please follow our instructions for removing your content from our index.

    If you are not the owner or webmaster of this site, please contact the webmaster with your request. Once the webmaster removes the page or changes its content, our search results will automatically reflect this change after we next crawl the site. If the webmaster makes these changes and you need us to expedite the removal of the cached copy, please submit your request using our webpage removal request tool.”

    What do I do?

    Thanks so much



    When you changed your privacy settings in your Dashboard, the robots.txt file also changed to exclude crawlers. Your pages should disappear after Google crawls your site again.

    Meantime, see this Google page

    Now you have to be logged into Google Webmaster tools. Once you could do this without having to sign up/in.



    What Google grabbed before you switched your privacy settings is what is leading to your blog. Going from less privacy to more generally works well; going the other way is where the problems lie.



    Over time though there will be no existance of the blog on google though right?



    On google maybe. But it’s all still at, Yahoo, MSN, etc, etc.

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