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    Hi – I’m new to the blogs and want to clarify how I get other people (students in this case) to be able to post to the blog that I have created for my course. I take it that I have to invite the members of the course to Then they have to sign up for an account, and only then can I add them to be “Authors” (which is what I would like) to the blog. Only then will they be able to originate posts on any topic they like and comment on other posts, rather than only responding by comments. Is this correct?

    The blog I need help with is



    Sorry, the title of that question should be “getting others to post on my blog” (not “comment” – I understand commenting).



    Your plan sounds good to me, and I would be interested to here the answer.
    Could you please post a link to your blog



    Hey that does sound like a good plan. I’m also in college here in Fla. I will invite some of my friends from class. Thanks for the good idea!



    I would like to get others to contribute to our RV Club Blog as a New Post. Is there a way they can get to the Dashboard? If I make them a contributor will they get to the Dashboard or can I make the Dashboard a link on the Blog. Right now they can only make Comments to Posts that I have entered as the Administrator.



    To the original poster: yes, that is correct.

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