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Getting others to write for my blog?

  1. I have a blog at (or, and I write about tech, gaming, etc. Around I see people have multiple writers for their blog, so they get multiple posts every hour.... With all of my blogs I've ever had, I get most views on days when I don't have school, since I can blog constantly throughout that day, but when I have school, my views drop a lot, since I can only blog for a short while.

    I also just want other writers so I can have different content other than having readers see my name everyday and read only what I write.

    So my question is, how can I get others to write for my blog? I figure enough people have this type of experience, so I can get some help here =S.

    P.S. Would anyone here be interested in writing for my blog lol (like daily posts while I'm not home?)? Just asking.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Oh and if anyone's interested in writing for my blog, I'll give you a custom email address, like if your name is joe, it'll be [email redacted].

  3. "how can I get others to write for my blog?"

    You can pay them. That can be money or it can be any other thing that they value. It's up to you to find what people value and offer it to them.

  4. I didn't know you could get others to write for you blog...what a great idea. Kind of.

    I guess it really depends on if you trust that person to write to the quality that you expect?

    Plus, an incentive is always nice. Maybe they write you a post you write them one? Who knows.

    I'd be interested but I don't think I could sit around and blog all day. But I'd be happy to write a guest blog once in awhile.

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