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Getting Past the Expired Domain Overlay Notice

  1. I'm opening a separate thread about the problem I noted here so that it doesn't get buried in the avalanche of current users looking for help with renewing their expired domain.

    When one visits a site whose custom domain name has expired and encounters the very cool "Oh no! The domain expired XX days ago" overlay, there's a notice to contact the site owner to advise them and you can visit the site at its underlying address.

    Trouble is, how does one get past the overlay? I have found no way to do so. There's no "x" to close the thing and hitting Esc on my PC/Chrome20 does nothing.

    Thanks for any insight.

  2. Another not ready for prime time feature when the staff is off on a retreat - too bad they did not test it - once the box is made to go away they will need to figure out how to fix the Primary displayed domain on a temporary basis also -

  3. I did notice this morning (after I posted of course) that on a couple of sites that I visited earlier, the overlay was gone , , so maybe it disappears on a second visit? The sites were displaying on their address.

  4. Nope! This is still a problem. No visible way to get past the overlay to

    "Please contact the owner of this website and ask them to renew the domain. Don't worry, you'll still be able to view the site at this web address:"

  5. In the top-right corner of the notice, there is a "x Dismiss" link.

  6. If so, it must be new. :)

    Regardless, at the moment, I'm not even encountering the overlay.

  7. It's definitely been there since we launched it. If you see one without it again, please let me know.

  8. How about making the overlay smaller and leave the graphic in the center but a smaller graphic would put the invisible close or whatever it is down where it is more likely to be seen - not hidden up in the corner ( I assume there is really a close button but I have not seen it )

  9. Maybe it's a screen resolution thing, because no x was visible at the time I first saw it. I prodded all the corners, hit escape, to no avail.

    Anyway, seems to be a moot point since any expired domain now gets the Chrome message instead Oops! Google Chrome could not find

  10. ~~@auxclass

  11. Morning Jennifer

    the overlay is a good idea - it just seems to me the how to get past that screen seems to require a handshake that nobody taught me

  12. OT// Oh nice! Seems we just got a very useful "return to top of page" link in the Admin Bar.

  13. Sorry James - look all around the overlay - no way to close it - looked all over the screen - moused all over the screen and no way I could see to close the screen - and that also included to try and go to the base blog - so access to the blog is killed

  14. @auxclass: thanks for the report and the example. I was able to reproduce: the "Dismiss" link is not visible in Firefox or Chrome when I'm logged out. We are looking into this.

  15. I was able to reproduce: the "Dismiss" link is not visible in Firefox or Chrome when I'm logged out.

    @jenia, it's not visible in Chrome20 when logged in either. :)

  16. Try also Firefox when logged in also

  17. @justjennifer, @auxclass: right, I did not test that "far", it was enough of a confirmation already :)

  18. Thanks for looking at it. :)

  19. @justjennifer and others: to follow up on this, the Dismiss option is only shown before the domain expires. If the domain has already expired, the point of the overlay is to highlight the fact that the domain is no longer valid, hence no dismiss option. The expiration message also provides an alternative working URL.

    This is the intended behavior, please let me know if you see something that is different from what's described above.

  20. @jenia- Sounds like a Catch-22. The overlay appears when the domain has already expired.

    Here's what's written on the overlay,

    Oh no! This domain expired XX days ago! Please contact the owner of this website and ask them to renew the domain. Don't worry, you'll still be able to view the site at this web address:

    Perhaps if the "alternative working URL" is turned into a clickable link then it might be able to get around it.

  21. There is NO WAY to get to the base blog - the - so even if I was a visitor that wanted to send the blogger a message - maybe there is a contact form or the comments are on moderated I can't do that since there is no way to get to the base blog -

    How do I contact the owner if I can't get to the base blog? Maybe phone them if the person is a personal friend?? Maybe do whois and send a message to the owner of record?

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