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Getting photos to display properly

  1. I am just starting my blog at:
    My problem is that when I edit the HTML code to align the image on the left, it works, but when I try to use hspace and vspace to get a decent margin the system just hangs up. Then it will save it with vspace and hspace, but keep the text flush to the picture. Am I doing something wrong?

    Thank you in advance for your help. I'm a beginner and WordPress is very frustrating to try to understand.

  2. Um, actually most browsers ignore vspace and hspace now a days. You may want to search the forums for threads on those tags. It's come up a few times already with suggestions on what to do.

  3. Thank you, drmike. I am REALLY a beginner here. I searched and found how to do it. Doing it is a problem. First I deleted the image so that I could upload it again and so select the right alignment, etc. But when I select it and click on "image" the box is blank and wants me to fill in all of the image information, including the size, URL, etc. Shouldn't that fill in automatically if I've selected the image. What am I missing here?

  4. I filled everything in manually and all it does is add the hspace and vspace for me, but it still doesn't display any actual space. This is incredibly laborious for no results, so I'm obviously missing something. Going to take a break here. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. Thank you.

  5. @happyluau
    A picture is worth a thousand words so here's an example for you. Go to and look at the only image on that front page which is aligned to the left. Okay now here's the code for it
    [<a href='' title='bluejelly.JPG'><img src='' alt='bluejelly.JPG' align="left" /></a>]

  6. All I did was pre-size the image in msPaint adding a white border all around as the background of m blog is white. Then I uploaded the image using these instructions
    After I uploaded the image I then inserted
    align= "left" before the /><a>
    Note that in order to get the code to display in the comment box above I had to add the square brackets [ ] at the beginning and at the end of the code.
    variations for alignment:
    align= "left" /><a>
    align= "center" /><a>
    align= "right" /><a>
    I hope this helps.

  7. Yes, thank you timethief. It did help a lot, and I was able to put a border on it, then cut and paste the URL from the WordPress server into the image edit so that I could get it to align left.

    It seems like a lot of jury-rigging to me; I'm used to Expression Engine, where everything is easy, but more expensive to do (my license, updates, tech guy, web hosting, etc.). I was going to end my professional blog and start this one just for fun with WordPress, but it seems so laborious compared to Blogger, which is pretty intuitive. I didn't think I could do too much with Blogger, and I loved the WordPress templates. Plus on Lorelle's site it seemed like there was so much that could be done fairly easily. For a free, fun time, I don't want to have to work so hard to do simple presentation things. I already ordered a $40 WordPress book, but I'm thinking I'm out of my league here.

    Anyway, thanks so much for your help!

  8. If you use the Visual editor you get a popup box that lets you fill in the amount of vertical and horizontal space around the image. Easy peasy.

  9. Well, raincoaster, I got all excited because I thought it was going to worked in the Visual pane and was perfect there in the Code pane, but it displayed indifferently to both---with the picture flush up against the text!

    It looks like it's supposed to work with the Visual editor, though. Am I doing something wrong?

  10. That's very odd. I'm sorry but I don't think I can help any further. I always just type in 10 pixels for the horizontal and it works just fine.

  11. Thanks, raincoaster, for your help. I did it like you, and the code looks perfect. But the display on the blog itself is the same as ever.

    If anyone knows what's wrong, could you help?

  12. Ah, now I know. It's that you're looking at a cached page.

    Empty your browser cache and check the page again using a forced reload (Ctrl F5). It looks perfect to me.

  13. This is so weird. I reloaded and reloaded with no change. Then I went into options and cleared my cache---all. No change. THEN, I opened IE, which I don't use, and plugged in the URL, and you're right, it was perfect!

    I still cannot get it to look right in Firefox. Is there a Firefox bug so that you have to use IE if you use WordPress?

  14. Not at all; if anything, it generally works better in FF. I've heard of a couple if issues between IE and FF display, but I don't know the details so I suggest you'd do a search of the forum ("Firefox" or "Firefox vs IE") to see if there's something there that might solve your problem. Sorry I can only solve part of it.

  15. That's ok, I just appreciate your help. I've been working on this all evening, so I'm going to sleep on it. If, in the meantime, anyone knows what's wrong, please let me know.

    I did a search though, first, and couldn't find anyone else with this issue. This looks like it's going to take a lot of work, research, and time to figure out how to use images as well as text on my blog. I guess my choices are to (1) jury-rig all my pictures with borders first, which I could do, as a work around until I can figure out how to get WordPress's Visual Editor to work properly or to (2) just let each picture be displayed centered and put the text below it or (3) to use another platform that might be a little more user-friendly.

    Thank you for your help, Olivia

  16. I think Timethief does borders on all of her images, and she uses Firefox.

  17. I think this is a problem with Firefox. My posts run up against left-aligned images in Firefox but not in IE:

    Also, my stats smiley appears at the upper right in Firefox, not at the bottom of the page as in IE where it ought to be.

    I submitted this problem to WordPress Support, and this is the response I got:

    Jan 23, 2007

    Hi Mike,

    The images issue in Firefox is something that we are currently working on a solution. It could be up to a few weeks.

    Thank you,

  18. To better experience this phenomenon, download the IE Tab add-on for Firefox:

    This add-on lets you see how your webpage displays in IE with just one click.

  19. I don't use the Cutline theme. I use K2 Lite. From the FAQs

  20. I asked support about this again, and they say the ongoing display problem is not theme specific.

    It appears that happyluau has given up on WordPress and switched to Blogger:

    This is disappointing.

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