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Getting posts in the right page

  1. Ok how exactly do I get it so certain posts show up on certain pages. So as an exmaple I have a “Reviews” and “Previews” pages in my blog. When I go to write a preview post I want it so I click the preview tab and all the preview posts appear, or if I click on the Reviews page all the review posts appear. I’ve been playing around and for the life of me I can’t seem to figure it out.

  2. I'm sorry I have to give you this disappointing news. Please take a deep breath and then perhaps hum a little AUM ... Ooommm.....
    Websites and blogs are not the same. A blog or weblog is simply a web page that scrolls chronologically like a journal and contains links to other websites of interest. Accordingly, blogs are constructed to have only a single i.e. one running "posts page" to which all posts made will be automatically added in chronological order. All of the posts you make will run automatically on this "post" page only and cannot be set to run on any other page.
    Pages are for static content and therefore if you were to choose to use them in any other way you would have to manually add the posts you want to any page other than the "posts" page.
    If you want instructions for changing your "front page" or "posts page" or other ideas then please post again.

  3. If you use the tags "Reviews" and "Previews" on the appropriate posts in your blog, will generate on the fly web pages with ALL the "Reviews" or "Previews" posts just the way you want, just by clicking on the tag in the sidebar. This enables you to have as many dynamic pages as there are tags in your blog. It's more versatile than the structure you are asking for.

  4. Alright I'll do that then. Thanks guys.

  5. You're welcome and BTW we are both girls. ;)

  6. Thanks for the answers, but I'm still kind of confused !

    I have a blog that I started for my English classes. If I wanted to make three pages on that one blog, can I have posts and comments going on each of the pages?

    If not, I'll have to start another blog, right?

  7. Yes you can have three or even more pages and you can set them and your blog to receive comments or not as you so choose for as long as you desire. But only one page will automatically update with the posts you publish.
    Here is something our Support Maven Mark wrote about pages and posts in the FAQs blog
    A blog or weblog is simply a web page that scrolls chronologically like a journal and contains links to other websites of interest. A blog is not a website.
    You can have as many blog pages as you choose to create and you can even create sub-pages as well in some themes, but this does not change the fact that what makes a blog a blog is that it has one "posts page" that automatically updates when posts are published.

  8. Thanks!

    Ok - so on the blog ( will be something like this

    Page One - The blog with posts and comments
    About - The page with text, bio, etc.

    Got it!

    One last Questions?

    My blog has a Home page but whenever I post, it doesn't show up there - There are no other pages, just the main page - what can I do?

  9. If you only have one page - a home page and your posts are not showing on it your blog has a problem that requires a back-end fix from staff.
    (1) Immediately change to another theme on a temporary basis so your posts are accessible to readers (provided this is what you want).
    (2) Send in a feedback (button on top right hand corner of any blog page) noting the name of the theme you currently have and a link back to this thread.

    You can create an About page that states as much of a biography as you wish as well as the purposes of the blog and contact information (e.g. email address). You can have a Comments and Disclaimer page that states your policy on moderating or not moderating comments. In fact you can have as many pages as you wish.

  10. Thanks, you have been very helpful.

  11. You're welcome. :) If I had a counter on this blog and cared then suggesting this to you would be shameless self promotion but that's not the case. If you could click on my username it will take you to a blog that has some beginner resources that may be useful and while you're there you can check out what I did with my pages.

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