Getting “Private” status removed.

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    I put a post online and it got tagged with a “Private” option. I do not know exactly what effect this has, but I probably do not want it. Thinking that it might have to do with the word f*#king, I went back and changed all occurrences of f*#king to f–king. The “private” tag will not go away.

    I ordinarily do not use such language in my posts, but this one in particular I wanted to convey to an unknown bunch of people at an organization exactly how angry and exasperated I was.

    I would like to know
    a) what caused this (f–king) problem in the first place?
    b) how do I get it to go away?
    c) what effect does it have?
    d) can they get to it if I provide a direct link?
    e) if the answer to D was “yes”, then is it permissible to create a new post that has a link to the old post saying something like:

    There is a post marked as "mature audiences only" explaination
    of /|a href="directlink"|why I am suspending this blog/|a /| until
    further notice in an earlier post. Please go there if you have any




    Shouldn’t be automattic. Open up the post for editing, look for the Post Status tab along the right hand side, change it from Private to Published, and save it.

    You don’t actually mention that you did that so I wanted to cover it.

    D is yes if you provide a link. It does keep it out of the tag system and it will not display within your blog on the front page or archives or anywhere. The only way to see it is via a direct link.

    Hope this helps,



    Thank you for your excellent and amazingly fast assistance. Perfect.



    Not a problem. :)

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