Getting quotation marks to display properly in posts

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    When I use the single quote or the double quote characters entering them from a keyboars, they come up as ‘directional’ quotes in my blog. I think they both come up as closing quotes. I am using Vigilance with no CSS. I like it. But when I quote someone… it looks daft. The kind of stuff I’m doing I will be quoting a lot so this problem will persist. Can anyone suggest a workaround for this that doesn’t involve my changing themes? ta!

    The blog I need help with is



    I’ve used Vigilance and I have gone crazy with the way it renders quotes. It produces “curly quotes” and they negate the use of code. So everywhere we use quotes when we are sharing code we have to go into the HTML editor and change every ” to " in order to provide code that will execute. This queered all my posts on making HTML tables for blogs. :( I switched themes.



    nerts! that code above exceuted – this is what i meant to convey

    and change every ” to



    To continue even when we change ” to " there is no guarantee that’s what we will get. If we then switch back to the Visual editor or preview ito post it will look fine but when we publish the “curly quotes” are back. That’s why I changed themes.


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    The problem is not theme related. It’s a problem with the way the Visual Editor works.
    If you write your code in the html editor and never switch to the visual editor, not even for a second, then the quotation marks stay as they should.

    Save Draft and Preview, or Publish, Update, and view post: no difference.

    There is another fluke in the way the Visual Editor works (at least one).
    Writing recipes, I use fractions fairly often, so the code for one half is
    & frac 1 2 ; (without the spaces).
    But unless I switch to the visual editor, the symbols show up and not the nice neat 1/2 with super and sub text.
    But once I switch to the Visual Editor, the nice 1/2 shows up immediately and is still visible in the HTML Editor—not as code!!



    Thanks for making the point it’s not theme related. I thought it was.

    My apology for getting that wrong.


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    I think this will work for you because you do not need straight quotes as timethief did when she was working on her post about tables and trying to allow readers to copy her code so it would be functional.

    But I think you would be happy with left and right quotes, properly used.
    This code, typed into the HTML Editor seems to make left and right quotes which behave like my example of flukes with the Visual Editor above:

    “ {left double quote}
    ” {right double quote}

    “ “ “ {left double quote} {right double quote} ” ” ” ”
    The code will become the actual symbols when you switch to the visual editor and seems to stick after saving or updating from either editor.
    And like my fractions, the symbols can be copied in either editor.


    I’m wondering if this could be platform/OS related. On my Mac, I get proper right and left single and double quote marks using Safari and Firefox with wordpress. It could be that it is an issue on Windows based systems. I remember an author/editor friend of mine complaining of the same thing and he was using XP and IE/Firefox.


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    No, I am using a MacBook Pro laptop (OS10.5.8), and the latest Firefox (10.6.3).

    This fluke-stuff with the Visual Editor has happened in the last 3, to more likely 4, months.

    You don’t see the fluke-sort of things that I do? Themes don’t seem to matter, though I have not been as consistent as Panos in testing them: just when I’m looking at things here as time allows…


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    that third about the flucks of the Visual Editor was supposed to be a question


    I did a test post in a couple different themes and I’m not seeing the problem, either with Safari or with FF. I get opening and closing quote marks (single and double) as long as the quote marks immediately proceed a word or follow a word (no space between quote mark and the text).

    I’ve not tested in the HTML tab, only in the visual editor.


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    Oh. No, Sorry. The opening and closing (left/right) quotation marks work fine!! Well, it is odd the way work, as with the fractions, that they appear in the html editor not as code but as the symbols they are supposed to call up. (after one changes to the Visual Editor).

    Sorry. The problem (re: timethief and her trying to post functional code) is with trying to get straight quote symbols which will function as useable code.

    But that is odd. The Visual Editor is what messes things up. This started happening some months ago. I did not happen, say, 9 months or a year ago.

    I get opening and closing quote marks (single and double) as long as the quote marks immediately proceed a word or follow a word (no space between quote mark and the text).

    I think we are talking about 2 issues:
    straight quot marks for functional code
    and text-book type opening and closing quotation (single or double) as we were taught in school.



    Ah, I always create code using textmate on my mac and then either past it between “sourcecode” tags or use the “pre” tag. (Sometimes the sourcecode thing sprouts unintended consequences for me).


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    It’s past my bedtime today, so I am not understanding

    “sourcecode” tags or the “pre” tag.
    hmm: not even “textmate”

    Sorry: too much up/working time and too little sleep/
    Maybe. Then I must be out of town. connection?? or no??



    Thanks all! (I’m IE8 on XP, fyi.) Just to add a bit of extra interest to the mystery I accidentally just got a pair of single quotes to work in the visual editor last night. This could have been because of not having a space…. but it could be because it was Wednesday. ( I’ve been working with computers for over 33 years – so I have some experience of Wednesdays.;-) [aside to 1Tess – in my experience, if you are not sure whether or not you are out of town, you probably ARE out of town. either that or you are home, but you have recently been out of town far too much…!] xx

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