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Getting rid of a SINGLE "Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)" link

  1. I like the "Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)" feature, it creates some nice cross-pollination in the blogs (and a few blog hits).

    I know how to turn it off entirely (Appearance >> Extras>> "Hide related links on this blog, which means this blog won’t show up on other blogs or get traffic that way"), but would prefer not to do so.

    However, there is a blog entry that one of my blog entries links to that I find personally offensive. It does not violate the standards of WordPress, and it is a free country and they are entitled to their opinion, but I strongly disagree with their views and do not want to send them any traffic whatsoever. Is there a way to remove a single link that is inappropriate for my blog? Or do I have to nuke the whole (otherwise positive and beneficial) feature?

  2. I believe there is no way to selectively remove any link from this feature.

  3. Oops! Appearance > Extras is where you can disable the possibly related posts feature.

  4. @dlairman
    Sorry I clicked submit too soon. arifsali is correct. No we cannot select which links display and which don't. They are cached. What I do is disable the feature when I see offensive or unrelated links or when the links lead to dead blogs, then I enable it again a few days later.

  5. I'm afraid you can't remove only specific links from Possibly Related; the feature is either completely on or completely off.

  6. @Markel
    Thanks for the confirmation - bookmarked! :)

  7. I was afraid of that.

    Thanks for the tip, timthief! I'll give "rebooting" the feature a try.

  8. would be nice if I could successfully type...

    Thanks for the tip, timethief! I'll give "rebooting" the feature a try.

    (I wasn't trying to imply you steal Tim, whoever that is... :-) )

  9. @dlairman
    Not to worry about typos. I make them all the time. I am visually challenged. I have worn all the lettering off my keyboard keys and cannot yet afford to purchase another ergonomic keyboard. You could say I each and every time I see the typos I make I have received a lesson in humility and grown a thicker skin. Also I'm aware that I'm living on borrowed time and that's why I chose this username years ago.
    Best wishes with your blog. :)

  10. FYI to mods -

    I'm leaving this open ("not resolved") for three days to see if that is long enough to clear the cache of the unwanted link. If that is insufficient time I will update this thread with that info, otherwise I will update with any final comments and set to "resolved".


  11. @dlairman
    You could enable it tomorrow and take a peek. I don't usually have to wait for longer than 48 hours.

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