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    it seems like image titles are required in the galleries, i’m wondering why. this is really annoying, i do not want titles with the pictures. the only solution i’ve found is making the title a period so as to make it the least noticeable. is there a way around the titles?


    The blog I need help with is


    I’m fairly certain there is no way around this, but I’ve been wrong before.

    An option would be to host your own blog and use a custom gallery.



    do you mean that if i upgrade to my own domain name there are options for other galleries?


    Titles/alt tags are required on images by the search engines, and also by XHTML standards.

    If you do not have alt/title tags on images, the search engines will ignore your images and they will not show up in image searches.

    If you do not have alt/title tags on images, it will produce XHTML validation errors in your blog. If you get too many validation errors in your blog, search engines, can and will stop indexing your blog. I fix blogs all the time that have been excluded from search engine crawls because they have too many validation errors.



    thanks for the explanation, that is good to know. i don’t mind having titles for images but i don’t want them to be visible to the viewer of the gallery. when i post a single image, the title doesn’t show, but the titles show in my gallery. is there an option to keep the titles hidden?


    Right now on your tattoo page, I don’t see any titles.


    Generally as long as you don’t put anything into the “caption” field, then no caption will appear below the image.



    there aren’t any titles on the tattoo page, but if you select a photo, the title will be above it.



    ok, i now understand the earlier comment about


    When you insert a gallery, under “link to” set it to “image file” instead of “attachment page” and it will then open the image in the browser window. The file name will be shown in the browser address bar, but not above the image.



    just tried it, but set that way the ability to navigate through the photos without going back to the gallery page is lost.

    i think for now i will just live with the periods, set the site up and get the blog going, and later host a blog. i would like a gallery with nicer navigation anyhow. i found a thread that explained how to insert next and previous links but even with those in place, it’s still kind of clunky.

    thanks so much for taking the time and effort to help.



    I can not get this one media file to stay out of my gallery can anyone help?

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